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Gearman task assignments

Gearman implementing multi-database data synchronizationTest environment: Windows (MySQL) + virtual machines (Ubuntu + MySQL) + PHP1:gearman's official documentation can be learned Gearman, installing Gearman in Ubuntu:sudo apt-get updatesudo

Gearman Task distribution System deployment Windows platform _ using Cygwin

1. Download Cygwin select Install from Internet, Direct Connection, select the first URL.Here is the selection of the library installation, note that you need to enter the library, and then click on the Skip, see the

Cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Recently, I deployed a java project on the windows platform to linux. During installation and testing, I encountered the cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied problem.Recently, gearman is used. Since the server in C language has

Can the PHP Windows environment convert AMR format to MP3 format?

PHP Windows environment can convert AMR format to MP3 format ask the great God for advice Reply content: PHP Windows environment can convert AMR format to MP3 format ask the great God for advice PHP is not good at this thing, even if it can

Deploy the ADIUS server in Linux

As a network administrator, you need to store user information for each network device you want to manage. However, network devices generally only support limited user management functions. Learn how to use an external RADIUS server on Linux to

PHP7 development environment based on Docker deployment

Why use Docker One place to compile, to use everywhere Easy migration, regardless of hosting environment Environment and host isolation Rapid deployment of the development environment A very common scenario: after changing

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers

BackupBackup software Amanda-Client-server model Backup tool Bacula-Another client-server model Backup tool Backupninja-Lightweight, extensible meta-data backup system BACKUPPC-Client-server model Backup tool and file sharing

Yar-parallel RPC framework (ConcurrentRPCframework)

Author: Laruence () address of this article: www.laruence.com201209152779.html record the source Yar (yetanotherRPCframework) I developed a PHP extension and RPC framework to solve a practical problem more than three months ago, Author: Laruence ()

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers (GO)

Compiled with PHP resources by other programmers, Kahun initiates a system administrator-related open source resource collation on Github.Content classifications include: Backup/Clone software, Cloud/cloud storage, collaboration software,

System Administrator Resource Daquan

Another article: "10 Best Books for system administrators" is now richer than the list of Kahun they have collated.Bole Online has launched the "system Administrator resource Daquan Chinese version" in the collation of GitHub. Welcome to the

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