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Get free iTunes, Amazon, PSN giftcard Codes

There are different websites that claim to provide free giftcard codes. Some website provides gift card codes at low price than the merchant website. We need different gift card codes to buy different products in case ifWe don't have credit card or debit card. Some times we need gift card codes to buy games and application. for example we need playstore gift card codes to buy games and application from Google Play Store. you can get free iTunes gift c

How to Get users' touch operations in iOS

How to Get users' touch operations in iOS An iOS device is a multi-touch device that can be controlled by multiple fingers on the screen. So how can we get users' gesture operations in development? IOS has four finger operations: Press, lift, move, and cancel. The four methods are as follows: // Press the screen and s

Use touch screen to get event coordinates

handle, of course, that's my understanding. And then the configuration, Ts_config function; The rest of the work is that we read the touch screen information building. Naturally we would have thought of Ts_read. It's all done, but after the program runs on our Development Board, we find that the results are not what we want. Because we did not shake, we feel the press once, but in the program came out many times. This is a normal phenomenon, but i

"Cocos2d-x notes" COCOS2DX get phone screenshots and other accidental cancellation of touch screen event processing Method!

Recently there are children's shoes asked me how to get to the iphone screenshot of the event, so this article will simply talk about how to deal with this problem.In the COCOS2DX engine, we can obtain in Appdelegate, the user will apply into the background, and return to the application of the event function. So the corresponding, COCOS2DX also in the engine gives us to intercept the screen and other such only mobile phone should have event processin

Touch screen version similar to refresh the page text box to get focus while popping the phone keyboard practice

Touch screen version of the phone to automatically eject the keyboard to meet the three conditions:1. text Box get focus2, hand touch screen of this page3. No delayImplementation examples (similar to Weibo):Touch screen version similar to refresh the page text box to get foc

[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile development 29 Android get the true path of the picture

PhoneGap Photo Plugin Select the image in the library, the code is as (function (URI) {console.log (URI);//Get the URI of the picture here}, function (err) {Console.log (err);}, { quality:70,, sourcetype:, savetophotoalbum:true});The path to the picture returned is this:Before Android 4.4: CONTENT://

Recently had a chance to get in touch with Angularjs.

browser. Most importantly, the rule definition for input is a reference to the related behavior of the owning form (such as whether the form validates successfully). The relevant properties available for the input control are:1. Name Name bound data 3. Required is required is required Minimum length Maximum length matching mode value change callbackHave not forgotten the source of ..... Just copy it here.Recommended

Sencha touch through. Axhx to get background data, unable to parse the JSON returned by the Server:Error:You ' re trying to

Note: If your store is using. ashx from the. NET background and debugging with a Web server with Sencha cmd, the following error will be returned when Chrome is debugged.[WARN] [] Unable to parse the JSON returned by the Server:Error:You ' re trying to decode an invalid JSON String: [WARN] [] JSON Object Not foundThis problem has been bothering you for a week! I don't know why I can't return the data. The last to remember. ASHX can only

Get OCM 10g touch moment

Label: OCM First of all, I would like to thank itpub's warehouse Xie yongsheng for helping me a lot during the exam. Without him, I may not be able to continue obtaining this certificate. Thank you very much !! A year and a half ago, it was a coincidence that I searched for an oracle ticket on the Internet, found itpub, and then registered for the exam through the old Thank you. From OCA to OCM, I always registered for the exam from him. During this period, I read a lot of Oracle books, expe

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