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Pure Java Environment Get APK information (package name, version, version number, size, permissions ...), Java language writing PC-side get apk information

permissions, permissions are I blocked offList listpermission = Root.getchildren ("uses-permission");//child node is a collection list permissions = new ArrayList (); for (Object object:listpermission) {String permission = ((Element) object). Getattributevalue ("name", NS);p Ermissions.add ( permission);} Apkinfo.setuses_permission (permissions);This section is the code that gets the permissionSOURCE downloadRespect the original, reproduced please specify the source:

PHPCMS-V9---How do I get the full-site article content via the {PC} tab?

1.phpcms-v9 By default, you can only get the current column and sub-columns under the CATID, but sometimes we need to use the {PC} tag to get the content of the entire site, what should be done?The first step: Add the following method to the content_tag.class.php file:1 /**2 * List page Label: The main return is the data in the main table and the data in the sche

C # Get native CPU serial number, MAC address, HDD ID, native IP address, computer name, physical memory, PC type

() {Try { stringUN =""; Un=Environment.username; returnun; } Catch { return "Unknow"; } finally { } } //6. Get the computer name Static stringGetComputerName () {Try { returnSystem.Environment.MachineName; } Catch { return "Unknow"; } finally {

Get PC and tablet physical address

This article mainly describes how to obtain PC and tablet physical address, need friends can refer to the following Get PC Physical Address nbsp; nbsp; namespace: Using;nbsp; nbsp; code as follows:///; 0; i = i-2) nbsp; {nbsp; arr_mac[k] = Mac. Substring (I-2, 2);nbsp; k++;nbsp;}nbsp; mac = "";nbsp; foreach (String chars in Arr_mac) nbsp; {nbs

C # Get native CPU serial number, MAC address, hard disk ID, native IP address, computer name, physical memory, PC type

Name static string GetUserName () {try {string un = ' "; UN = environment.username; Return UN; Catch {return "Unknow"; The finally {}}//6. Get computer name static string GetComputerName () {try {return System.Environment.MachineName; Catch {return "Unknow"; } finally {}}///7 pc type static string Getsystemtype ()

Get PC and Tablet Physical Address _ practical Tips

Get PC Physical Address namespaces: Using System.Management; Copy Code code as follows: Get Mac Physical Address public string Getmac () { Try { ManagementObjectSearcher query = new ManagementObjectSearcher ("SELECT * from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration"); Managementobjectcollection querycollection = query.

"Java" server-side get user access to the url/user ip/pc or mobile

@RequestMapping (value= "/test") @ResponseBody Public voidtest1 (httpservletrequest request,questionnaire quest,string questoptions) {String ipAddress=NULL; if(Request.getheader ("x-forwarded-for") = =NULL) {ipAddress=request.getremoteaddr (); }Else{ if(Request.getheader ("x-forwarded-for"). Length () > 15) {String [] aStr= Request.getheader ("X-forwarded-for"). Split (","); IpAddress= Astr[0]; } Else{ipAddress= Request.getheader ("X-forwarded-for"); }} String Terminal= Request.gethea

Serial programming-Enumerate through the serial port, get the PC all serial port name, traverse registry key, RegEnumValue usage

On the internet to find a few examples of traversing the serial port, either the code is not complete, or there is a bug, such as reading the serial number is more than 10.After my finishing, now share the final code, VS2008 under the compilation.This method is also useful for traversing Windows power-on startup items with just a few modifications.void Cenumportdlg::enumport (void) {HKEY HKEY; LPCTSTR lpsubkey= "hardware\\devicemap\\serialcomm\\"; if (RegOpenKeyEx (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Lpsubkey,

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