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7 Best JQuery & JavaScript PDF Viewer plugin with examples

In this Post we is providing best jQuery PDF Viewer Plugin tutorial with examples. Due to popularity of online document viewer like Google Docs some JavaScript developers develop a good and useful plugins To view PDF file on online PDF

JQuery implements a simple image viewer and jquery implements a viewer.

JQuery implements a simple image viewer and jquery implements a viewer. The project diy an image viewer. Because the initial code is not your own, but it is not very beautiful after being changed. If you have time to rewrite the style and encapsulation, just accumulate as a

CAJ Viewer installation process and CAJ or PDF conversion to Word format

First of all, the conversion of CAJ or PDF into Word documents, including the text, images and formatting, there is no need to download any other auxiliary software!!!In Win8 and above, with the use of office2013 and above. You can copy and paste directly in CAJ or PDF. At the same time, supplementary knowledge is WIN8 and above also includes the ISO, do not need to download the ISO decompression.1, first o

Ubuntu10.10 document viewer PDF Chinese garbled Problem

Garbled Chinese characters appear when you use document Viewer (2.24.1) to view PDF files in ubuntu10.101. Modify the ACL of the font setting file in terminal and enter sudo chmod 777/etc/fonts/CONF. d/49-sansserif.conf. 2. In terminal, enter sudo gedit/etc/fonts/CONF. d/49-sansserif.conf and modify the font setting to OK. For example, I changed the font of the

jquery Viewer model in detail reproduced

An explanation of the observer pattern of jquerySubmitted by: HebedichThis article mainly introduces the on method and the trigger method in jquery, and the observer pattern which is experienced around this method, is a very good article, it is very helpful for us to understand the observer pattern.UndefinedUndefinedOn method binding built-in events, naturally triggeringFor example, we bind a click event to

Use the Jquery Media plugin to preview and open PDF files online.

, asf, avi, wma, wmv Real Player Ra, ram, rm, rpm, rv, smi, smil Silverlight Xaml Iframe Html, pdf First, attach the official website (2 to 1 ): Http://jquery.malsup.com/media/ Http://malsup.com/jquery/media/ View preview: http://sources.ikeepstudying.com/jquery.media/pdf.php First, introduce the corresponding js file: 12 Next, add the js code

HTML5 and CSS3 Example Tutorial (2nd edition) with source Chinese PDF scan version

HTML5 and CSS3 technology are the basis of the entire Web page at present. "HTML5 and CSS3 Example Tutorial (2nd edition )" is divided into 3 parts, focusing on the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and the use of technology. This edition provides a comprehensive overview of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 Technologies, all of which are implemented with the latest features for the latest version of the browser.the The HTML5 and CSS3

jquery Plug-in Format example Analysis _jquery

This example describes the jquery plug-in format. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Now intend to write a common component for the company, many of the most common tools are jquery, many times some plug-in effects are also based on jquery, so the work will inevitably encounter to expand others

JQuery example: About $. getJSON cross-origin Ajax Method

The tutorials on the Internet are provided with an example. I don't know where to use $. getJSON to implement cross-origin Ajax. After some time of "research", I will write down the results. Client: When $. getJSON () is used to transmit the first parameter, that is, url, a cross-origin request must have a parameter value of "?". For example: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] $. getJSON ( "Http: /

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