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The example of this article for everyone to share the single file upload, multiple file upload function for your reference, the specific content as follows

Single File Upload
uploading files is a common feature in Web applications. It is easy to upload files in core and save them on the server. Let's show you how to upload files in the core project.
First, create a core project, add a HomeController to the controller file, and add a new.cshtml view file in the Views folder's home folder. The following figure:

Add a UserViewModel.cs in the Model folder, the code is as follows:

 public class Userviewmodel
  [Display (name = ' name ']] public
  string Name {get; set;}

  [Display (Name = "identity card")]
  [RegularExpression (@] ^ (\d{15}$|^\d{18}$|^\d{17} (\d| X|X)) $ ", errormessage =" Invalid ID card number ")] public
  string Idnum {get; set;}

  public string Idcardimgname {get; set;}

  [Display (Name = "id card attachment")]
  [Fileextensions (Extensions = ". Jpg,.png", errormessage = "Picture format error")]
  Public Iformfile idcardimg {get; set;}

Then add a new.cshtml view file in the Views folder:

 @model Userviewmodel

<form asp-controller= "Home" role= "form" asp-action= "New" enctype= "Multipart/form-data" Method= "POST" >
  <div class= "Form-group" >
    <label asp-for= "Name" ></label>
    < Input type= "text" class= "Form-control" asp-for= "Name"/>
  <div class= "Form-group" >
    <label asp-for= "Idnum" ></label>
    <input type= "text" class= "Form-control" asp-for= "Idnum"/ >
  <div class= "Form-group" >
    <label asp-for= "Idcardimg" ></label>
    <input type= "file" asp-for= "idcardimg"/> <p class=
    "Help-block" > uploaded. </p>
  <button type= "Submit" class= "BTN Btn-default" > Submit </button>
< /form> 

In HomeController, add the corresponding Action method for the page:

Public Iactionresult New ([fromservices]ihostingenvironment env, [Fromservices]appdbcontext DbContext, UserViewModel User) {
  var fileName = path.combine ("Upload", DateTime.Now.ToString ("MMDDHHMMSS") + ". jpg");
  using (var stream = new FileStream (path.combine) (env. Webrootpath, FileName), filemode.createnew) {
    user. Idcardimg.copyto (stream);

  var users = dbcontext.set<user> ();
  var dbuser = new User () {
    Name = User. Name,
    idcardnum = user. Idnum,
    idcardimgname = FileName
  Users. ADD (dbuser);
  Dbcontext.savechanges ();

  Return Redirecttoaction (nameof (Index));

Run the program to view the form:

Multiple file uploads

Multi-file upload and single file upload similar to the form of ViewModel using icollection<ifromfile>, and then the form of <input type= "file" asp-for= "idcardimg" mulpitle/ > Add mulpitle on it (only support H5).

Sample source Code
Note: The sample data store uses the Sqlite, Code-I method to generate the database.
Sample code has been uploaded to Github:

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Author Blog: Savorboard

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