Comparison between Orchard and ABP architectures (aspnetboilerplate) and aspnetboilerplate

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Comparison between Orchard and ABP architectures (aspnetboilerplate) and aspnetboilerplate

Some. NET group members often talk about the ABP framework. They have browsed the official website before and generally understood it as a framework. Today, this talent officially downloads the source code entry...


After two hours of getting started with the ABC Chinese Document (Thank you for your hard-working translators), I have learned that the ABP Framework provides some functions similar to Orchard, such as log, multi-tenant, and event bus, multiple languages.

As I have just touched on the ABP framework, let's talk about my basic understanding of it. If this is not the case, please correct me:


  Abp Orchard Function
Project positioning Development Framework Content Management System (CMS) + development framework  
Basic Framework Aspnetboilerplate (source code) Orchard. Framework Neither of them can run independently, providing the framework infrastructure
Core Implementation Module-zero (source code), pure library, No UI implementation, cannot run independently Orchard. Core (a collection of Core modules, each folder in which is a module ),
UI implementation.
ABP provides common basic functions, including user, role, multi-tenant, configuration management, and Orchard with core modules related to CMS.
Module generation Module-zero-template (Source Code) provides an online version. Orchard. CodeGeneration (command line) The website provides an online module creation function (Address). This generator has two versions:
1. rely only on core ABP
2. Dependency Module-Zero.
Some meta information is not provided during creation of the module, while orchard can.


Many. NET developers have always liked the Orchard project, but some clean developers are always trying to split it into a clean framework, such as OrchardNoCms,

Now, you may have the best choice of the following:

1. ABP has a project structure similar to Orchard (the author even thinks that the inspiration of the ABP is from Orchard ).

2. functions also provide the same features as Orchard, such as multi-tenant, module, log, user, role, authorization, etc.

3. There is no additional business code attached to the ABP, and core functions such as users and roles are also implemented in the Zero module. If you do not like it, you can skip it.


We use the ABP framework for secondary development. If you do not pay attention to the framework itself, you can directly use the online address generation module to download it to your local device, and then use nuget to download it. dll and Abp. zero. dll (optional) and other third-party dependencies can be used to directly develop Web applications.


The ABP framework provides enterprise users with a paid back-end management implementation: aspnetzero (address, $699, $1699, $2799, three types of license). With this value-added module, you can have a Bootstrap-based background management UI to manage basic information such as multi-tenant and user roles. Of course, you can also use it to develop other functions.

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