How to save energy in laptop battery

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Reduce the brightness of the screen. At the same time, although the IBM ThinkPad notebook computer is equipped with a keyboard light thinklight, but in order to save electricity, it is best only in the dark conditions to enjoy her care.

When you are not using a wireless receiver, turn it off.

Laptop battery power Saving tips

Some users love to open a CD or DVD to play music, the battery power also with the music playing quietly flow away. We recommend that you only play when you want to enjoy the music.

The battery is used in the process, as far as possible full charge and discharge.

Try to avoid the use at very high or very low temperatures. For example, when you're sunbathing on the beach, don't leave your laptop in the car to steam the sauna.

Use the correct AC adapter for your laptop.

Use the laptop standard battery management software battery Maximiser Choose the extension that works best for you

Power schemes.

Set standby time for monitors, hard drives, and system hibernation-because you don't need to keep your laptop running full load while you're not working.

Under the action of Intel SpeedStep Technology, the processor can automatically adjust the speed according to the current load situation, avoid small horse-drawn carts, or large horse-drawn trolley, the overall saving of battery consumption.

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