Using the Baidu Map API in Android: query address information based on latitude and longitude

Baidu Map Mobile version of the API contains not only the basic construction map interface, but also integrated a number of search services, including: Location search, peripheral search, range Search

How does Android studio view the program's security code to get SHA1 values?

How does Android studio look at the program's security code to get SHA1 value? Using the Baidu Map SDK for Android development, you need to enter the Android SDK security code when you apply for the k

Quickly project the Android phone screen to WIN7 's PC and projector

When it comes to application development and presentation, it's often necessary to project an Android phone onto a PC screen or a projector. Pea Pods or 91 mobile phone assistants Although the mobile

Windows uses SSH client to connect to Android phone


The original use of software quicksshd, but this software used in the process I found that the problem is that even if the port is not occupied, start, or will be the error, and for the port is occupi

Android Programming Operator Contact Methods (query, get, add, etc.) _android

This example describes the Android programming approach to contact. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The contacts in the Android system also provide data externally via ContentProvider, where we implement to get all the con

Handler message passing mechanism in Android _android

What is Handler used for? 1 Execution of Scheduled tasks, you can perform certain tasks at the scheduled time, you can simulate the timer 2) communication between threads. When the Android application starts, a main thread is created, and the main

Android apps to get photo paths after taking photos and uploading instances sharing _android

The code in the activity, I only post important part of the event code public void Dophoto (view view) {Destorybimap (); String state = Environment.getexternalstoragestate (); if (State.equals (environment.media_mounted)) {Intent Inten

Some problems with Viewpager and fragment in Android app _android

Before you know how Viewpager works, review how ListView works: ListView only when you need to display some list items does it request the available view objects; If you create a view object for all of the list item data, you waste memory;Who is Lis

What is EXIF under Android _android

A. What is EXIFExif (exchangeable image file) is an image file format that has exactly the same data storage as the JPEG format. In fact, the EXIF format is a digital photo inserted in the header of the JPEG format. Including the aperture, shutter, w

Introductory tutorials for Recyclerview components in Android application development _android

Recyclerview is a list container that has been published for a long time before remembering what to write. Compared to ListView, Recyclerview is more flexible when reusing reuse, which is low coupling and provides an extension. When loading multiple

Android Regular Expressions __ Regular expressions

In the Sun's Java JDK 1.40 version, Java has its own package that supports regular expressions, and this article introduces how to use the Java.util.regex package. To make a rough estimate, other Linu x users will encounter regular expressions excep

Android 5.0 ART GC vs Android 4.x Dalvik GC

To study the memory management mechanism in the Android virtual machine, a preliminary investigation was made, and the following is a summary of the updates for GC in Android 5.0 ART for reference, from the web and the initial reading of the source c

[Android Development] RxJava2 Road 10-Boolean operator Example Demo__java

a list of Boolean operators The source of the original data is Boolean operation, after the Boolean operation, the receiver is the data received by the Observer is a Boolean value. name parsing All () To determi

[Android Development] RxJava2 Road 10-Boolean operator Example Demo__java

a list of Boolean operators The source of the original data is Boolean operation, after the Boolean operation, the receiver is the data received by the Observer is a Boolean value. name parsing All () To determi

Download the latest Android source from GitHub

At the end of May this year, Google was completely blocked by the wall, all Google's website can not visit, this time including the,, Android's official resources are inaccessible, and it's certainly diffic

Android's Compass (compass) detailed

Compass (Compass) is a custom view that inherits the view class, overriding the bounds (onmeasure) and content (OnDraw) of the views; As shown in figure: The following is the specific design of the compass: 1. Create Compassview class, compass v

On the callback thought in the design of Android system

Why do I write this article As I get closer to Android development, I'm increasingly discovering that Android (at least the application that used to have it) uses a lot of callback thinking. For example, the life cycle of activity, fragment life cyc

Android's own app analysis: SMS App

The Android operating system itself is a huge open source repository, familiar to both the design framework of the Android system and the efficient way to write applications. This article analyzes the source code from Google's official AOSP source 4.

Getting Started with Android Development (ii) using intent 2.5 to invoke a built-in application with intent

We've learned how to invoke an activity in a single application of our own. However, one of the more important developments in Android is the use of intent to invoke other application activity. In particular, your application can invoke many "built-i

Android implementation of the picture scrolling control, including the page sign function, let your application like Taobao dazzle up

First off, this morning, when I get up, my hand slipped out of my mobile phone, the result of my 2.5 Motorola milestone generation so rest, so I decided today to anger more, to commemorate my dead love machine. If you are the net buys the person, yo

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