Database Administrator DBA

admin | data | database Database Administrator dba what is DBA database administrator, English is the DBA. This position means a different meaning to different people. A small software developmen

Database administrator winning Treasure

Administrator | data | The adjustment and optimization of database database may be one of the most important and critical tasks for a database administrator. Unfortunately, tuning and performance tuning for databases like SQL Server is not an easy ta

DBA view, which the database administrator should most familiarize and understand


The DBA sees an example as follows: Dba_data_files Information about the database file Dba_db_links All database links in the database Dba_extents Include all partitions in the database Dba_free_space Free partitions in all table spaces Dba_

Level of DBA (database administrator)


The level of DBA is not very strict. According to the database mastery, I simply divided into three levels: primary primary, Intermediate intermediate and advanced senior. The Junior DBA, also known as Dbbs, is the abbreviation for the English datab

The personality characteristics of the DBA (database administrator)

Many times managers ignore the personality characteristics of DBAs , who only focus on the technical capabilities of DBAs. In fact, each of the responsibilities mentioned above means that the DBA needs to deal with a variety of people who may be vend

The responsibilities of the database administrator include what


I. GENERAL monitoring 1. Monitor the database warning log. Alert.log, do backup and delete regularly. 2. Linstener.log's monitoring,/network/admin/linstener.ora. 3. Redo Log State Monitoring, paying attention to the view v$log,v$logfile, which sto

Alibaba DBA (database administrator) pen question __ Database

The following topics can be selected according to their own situation to answer, do not have to answer all. You can also directly to the relevant questions to be responsible for interview personnel and not Shang ... One: SQL tuning class 1: Enumera

Recover database administrator password, user authorization, data backup and recovery

Tags: grants config SQL Web services htm Maria zone localhost tar.gzModify the database administrator password# mysqladmin-hlocalhost-uroot-p Password "newCodeEnter Password: Current login passwordRestore the database administrator

What is your definition of the database administrator?

Tags: database service     Release     resolve     data     remove     Spatial     Data Warehousing     database design

What the DBA (Database administrator administrator) needs to know

Label:Becoming a qualified DBA is not enough to understand how to encoding some SQL statements and simple database management, so a qualified DBA needs to understand every aspect of it, and can have the ability to debug performance, hardware, and

Database administrator

Tag: OS uses SP data AD as to manage Database serverDatabase administrator (db Administrator, DBA), is a person responsible for managing and maintaining the database server. The database administrator is responsible for the full management and

Database administrator < three >

Tags: style ar strong file data art SP on CDatabase administrator? IntroducedEach Oracle database should have at least one database administrator (DBA), and one DBA is sufficient for a small database, but for a large databaseMultiple DBAs may be

Database Administrator DBA

What is Database Administrator DBA? Database Administrator (DBA. This position has different meanings for different people. A small software development studio has broader responsibilities than a large company with a highly detailed division of

Database Administrator tasks

I. jobs of the database administrator Generally, as a DBA, do the following 12 tasks Installation and configuration Capacity Planning Application Architecture Design Manage database objects Bucket Management Security Management Backup and

Alibaba Database Administrator exam

You can answer the following questions based on your needs.InterviewPeople reply without answering questions ......I. SQL tuning class 1: List several table Connection Methods2: no third party is usedTools, How to view the SQL Execution Plan3: How

SCM-based database administrator

The Database Administrator is responsible for establishing a configuration management database and maintaining the internal integrity or possible inter-database integrity of each database. Main activities include: Create a configuration

1 minute as Database Administrator

What should I do if I want to assign a link to a remote user after installing oracle?   1. Run the commandLSNRCTL status checks whether the listener is up to 2. If no listener is running, run ProgramUse Net manage to configure or use net

Unlimited (PICA) high salary: DBA (Database Administrator)

Working in Beijing, recruiting 2 persons, working experience at least 2 years. Responsibilities: formulates, tests, implements, and interfaces database optimization solutions. ProgramDevelopment. Education Background: Bachelor degree or above in

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