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18 Hadoop tools to help you tame big data

Hadoop has proved, by its own flourish, that it is not just a small stack of things that can be used to propagate work content to a group of computers--no, this is negligible compared to its potential. The value of the core has been widely proven, and a number of projects are springing up around it.   Some projects are responsible for data management, some are responsible for process monitoring, and others provide advanced data storage mechanisms. The Hadoop industry is developing rapidly, and businesses are offering a variety of solutions, including providing technical support, providing press in managed clusters ...

10 tips for successfully writing software as a service--effective skills to ensure that SaaS projects are completed on time and within budget

Uncover 10 effective tips for completing software as a service (SaaS) application in a budget on time to achieve a satisfactory return on investment. Software provided in the form of online services rather than desktop applications continues to grow exponentially. I have been involved in the development of many company SaaS projects. Based on these experiences, I have summed up 10 ...

NetBeans IDE v7.0 releases open source software development tools

NetBeans is an open source software development tool built by Sun, an open framework, extensible development platform, can be used for development of java,c/c++ and so on, itself is a development platform, can pass through aggregation/35077.html > extension to extend functionality. It is a full-featured open source Java IDE that can help developers write, compile, debug, and deploy Java applications and ...

Recommend 30 best data visualization Tools

Various internet companies through a large number of user data, information for statistical analysis, and these many complex data after the Visual tool processing, can be graphically displayed in front of the user, clear and intuitive.   With the increase of various data, this kind of visualization tool is more and more popular with developers.   Below recommend 30 visualization tools for everyone to choose and use. 1.iCharts Icharts provides a managed solution for creating and rendering compelling charts. There are a number of different types of charts to choose from, each of which is completely ...

Recommend a more useful UE design software

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall We all know that there are a lot of specialized software for art designers, such as Photoshop, such as fireworks, such as CorelDRAW, such as Flash, there are a lot of software for Web developers to write programs, such as editplus, such as em ...

Product interaction prototype design tools sharing

An important task for interaction designers is to design product prototypes (Prototype). And the most basic work of product prototype design is to draw the general wireframe (frame chart) of the site and combine annotation, a lot of instructions and flowchart, and make the product prototype complete and accurate to the product, UI, refactoring/ Aggregation/7433.html "> Development engineer and so on, and through the communication repeatedly repair ...

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D bees

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D Bee published in 2013-03-29 13:43| Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong Month Research and Development weekly Javascriptpatrick Wyatt Game development Third party application open platform Open source Polycode Summary: Busy week finally past, leisure time may wish to savor our carefully presented for you this technical feast. Current Issue: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3 ...

Fast, low-cost completion of the development of innovative companies how to do

As a software engineer, the past few years have been dedicated to web development. In innovative companies, speed saves time, money, and money to ask more engineers to make the whole development faster. The school does not teach many "software engineering" methods, or how to be a good programmer. These things do not exist in the Taiwan industry, we are doing side touch, learn from experience. I've learned a lot from books and the internet about ways to make the team more productive, because I believe that I have to do this in the new team, with the industry's recognition that it's fast ...

Comparison of OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Vcloud Director

Introduction: SOFTWARE PRODUCT development company Altoros BAE's IT Infrastructure architect Vadim Truksha published an article in the United States "online world" in detail comparing Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, Vcloud Director and OpenStack four cloud platforms. The author from the product characteristics, price, community and other aspects of the 4 platform for comparison, the cloudstack and Eucalyptus maturity made affirmation, openstack enthusiasm ...

How to choose the right cloud platform? Balance comparison of four cloud computing platforms

Software PRODUCT development company Altoros BAE's IT Infrastructure architect Vadim Truksha published an article detailing four cloud platforms such as Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, Vcloud director, and OpenStack. The article reads as follows: Cloud computing is still one of the hottest topics in the IT world, given the enormous potential for cloud computing, significant cost savings, scalable infrastructure and high performance and secure data storage. However, choose ...

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