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Building a high-security e-commerce website (automatic local/remote dual-backup of website files and databases) [connected E-commerce system architecture]

Building a high-security e-commerce website (automatic local/remote dual-backup of website files and databases) [connected E-commerce system architecture]Source:Http://'m standing on the shoulders of giants, Jimmy LiBy Jimmy

Building a highly secure E-commerce site: Web site files and database automatic local/off-site dual backup

The previous article introduced the server security aspect in detail, next continues to introduce the Linux server file backup, the database backup, the data security storage related electronic commerce system architecture. There are a variety of

MySQL Backup tool xtraback full-volume and incremental testing

Mysql Backup Tools Xtraback full-volume and incremental testingXtrabackup is an open source project for Percona, can be hot backed up InnoDB, XtraDB, and MyISAM (Will lock the table)Official website

Filegee easy to handle file automatic backup

File backup is the basic task of daily file management, the use of manual operation, not only waste time, but also affect the efficiency of file backup. Is there a file automatic backup software? How to choose the right file automatic backup

Web site Data Automatic backup method _ server Other

Recently because of the national crackdown, so there will inevitably be sealing room, broken network situation, in response to this situation, the most need for stationmaster is to be able to back up their data in time, this article is based on the

SQL Server database automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP (comprehensive functions)

The SQL Server database automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP (fully functional) is mainly used to automatically back up the database, restore the database with one click, and send the backup database log report to the mailbox, automatically

Automatic file backup software

Automatic file backup software In this unstable network environment, system crashes, host crashes, and other incidents are common. Nowadays, many children's shoes think that their blogs can only be built to ignore the security of their

Automatic Backup on Linux

Easy independent, secure, and distributed network backup Level: Intermediate Carlos justiniano ( Designer, ecuity Inc. The loss of important data may cause fatal damage. Despite this, countless professionals

How to do the site backup is a qualified webmaster

If you are a webmaster, you must know what the site means for the webmaster. In the face of the complex network environment, every webmaster in order to ensure the normal operation of the site, need to add Shipi carefully. But a lot of things we can'

Xtrabackup Backing up large databases (full backup and incremental backup)

XtrabackupXtrabackup is a free database hot backup software Percona open source, which can back up non-blocking database of InnoDB database and XTRADB storage engine (also need to add a table lock for MyISAM backup);The mysqldump backup method is a

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