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Content-based Image retrieval technology

Tags: image retrievalimage Retrieval is the essence of Image feature extraction and feature-based matching technology , image features include the image of the text features, visual features, so-called image text features are related to the image of

Research on image and credit of mobile phone users based on big data technology

Tags: terminal improvements will not be managed indicator style no records JICContent Summary: The image of mobile phone users is an important step for telecom operators to realize "data-driven business and operation". Firstly, this paper introduces

Wavelet Transform & Image Compression

Label: /***********************Wavelet transform appeared background ***********************/In order to ensure the quality of certain reconstruction, image coding can represent images by removing various redundancy in the image and minimizing

Image segmentation based algorithm and implementation example

Label:Recent projects involve the field of image processing, a small study, and the collection of data to achieve several basic functions.First, image inversionI=imread (' input_image.jpg '); J=double (I); j=-j+ (256-1); % image inversion Linear

Image enhancement algorithm based on histogram (HE, CLAHE, Retinex) (II.)

Label:as the second article in the series of image enhancement algorithms, we will introduce the powerful, versatile, far-reaching contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (Clahe,contrast Limited Adaptive histogram Equalization) algorithm.

An ill-posed problem of partial differential equation of turn image

Label:As a preprocessing method, image processing is almost a prelude to all image processing methods. In many cases, image filtering as a preprocessing method of image recognition, it needs to satisfy two restrictive conditions: the contrast is

Image extraction of ID card number--connected domain detection algorithm based on canny edge detection

Label:after scanning the QR Code extraction task, it is necessary to extract the ID number from the ID image and then call the colleague to identify it. the previous connected-domain detection algorithm compares "brute force" because once it

Find and run the Whalesay image

Tags: docker find Whalesay imageFind and run the Whalesay image (find and run Whalesay image)People all across the world create Docker images. (People worldwide can build Docker images) You can find these images by browsing the Docker Hub. (You can

Summary of common edge detection operators for image processing

Label:Summary of Common edge detection operators for image processingTurnDifferent image grayscale, the boundary will generally have an obvious edge, using this feature can be segmented image. It is necessary to note that the boundary between the

Dice Point Recognition-image segmentation

Tags: plot dimension sampling function BSP font ATL design icaPrefaceThe previous time borrowed neural network and convolutional neural network to realize the recognition of dice points, but a very serious problem has been bothering me, that is when

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