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Euclidean algorithm GCD and its development ultimate explanation

Label:Extended Euclidean algorithm-solving indefinite equation, linear congruence equation.If the two frogs meet after the S-step, the following equations will be fulfilled:(x+m*s)-(y+n*s) =k*l (k=0,1,2 ...)Slightly changed to form:(n-m)

The realization code _c language of GCD and LCM by recursive method

Mathematical principle:There are two numbers of NUM1 and num2, assuming that the NUM1 is relatively large. Make remainder r = num1% num2.When r = = 0 o'clock, that is, NUM1 can be divisible by num2, obviously num2 is the gcd of these two numbers.When

Hdu 5869 Interval different gcd number (tree-like array)

Label:Different GCD subarray QueryTime limit:6000/3000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/65536 K (java/others) total submission (s): 221 Accepted Su Bmission (s): 58problem DescriptionThis was a simple problem. The teacher gives Bob a list of

Recursion of PHP Data structure basics

This article mainly introduces the PHP data structure based on recursion, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need for friends can refer to What is recursion? As mentioned before, recursion is a solution that breaks down

HDU 1019 (GCD and LMC)

Label:Test instructions gives you a bunch of numbers and asks you to find them LMC (least common multiple). The first two are least common multiple equals they multiply and then one of their gcd (greatest common divisor), that three number of the

GCD, extending Euclid, Chinese remainder theorem

Label:1.GCD:int gcd (int A,int b) { return b==0? a:gcd (b,a%b);}2. Chinese remainder theorem:Title: Student a gives n integers a[], student B gives n positive integers m[] and 22, the teacher asks a question: there is a positive integer ans, for

Algorithm learning-recursion and non-recursion, bit operation and multiplication speed comparison

Tags: recursive bit operation time Recursive invocation of non-recursive calls Run time comparison Conclusion Bit operation and multiplication method Conclusion Recursive call/non-recursive

C language-function and recursion

Tags: blog ar using SP on file Data div problem1. A function is called a method, which means a block of code that implements a function or completes a task.The body of the function begins with the curly brace, and the closing of the curly

"Recursion and recursion" princes place

Label: "Recursion and recursion" princes place Title Description A long time ago, there was a mighty empire, its land in a square shape, shown in 2-2.The country has a number of princes. As these princes had made illustrious exploits,

One of the GCD trilogy---the Method of dividing

Label:The general question is to enter two numbers and ask for their greatest common divisor.A simple recursion. Code See below ↓↓↓1#include <iostream>2 3 using namespacestd;4 intb;5 intgcdLong LongALong Longb)6 {7 if(b==0)returnA;8

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