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Geo-location analysis of access URLs based on Giscript and GeoIP

Label:Is it useful and cool to analyze the user's address through the Web Access log and then place it on the map and analyze the hot zones that are accessing the source to get the map distribution? Here is an example of geo-targeting using Giscript

The Linux command line gets the actual location of the IP address

Method One The first approach is to use the Geoiplookup tool, which is a command-line client for querying the Maxmind GeoIP database. Geoiplookup allows you to query for geographic information or network information for an IP address (or domain name

Deep learning content about Nginx

This article mainly introduces about Nginx deep learning content, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to First, static and dynamic separation separating dynamic requests from static requests

Get geo-location information with GeoIP2 Analytics visitor IPs

Label:Original link: GeoIP2 Services can identify the location and other characteristics of Internet users, including personalized content, fraud detection, advertising targeting,

CENTOS7 Building Elk Open-source real-time log analysis system

Tags: elasticsearch logstash kibana. Log Management Analysis SystemElasticsearch is an open source distributed search engine It features a distributed 0 Configuration Autodiscover Index Auto-shard index replica mechanism restful style interface

Latest Ubuntu12.04 64bit Environment installation tutorial

Operating system version: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit Log into the system using the root account to create the relevant directory Download Store Path /home/ubuntu/down installation directory /usr/local/php #install php-5.4.3 /usr/local/mysql #install my

Linux system goaccess Web real-time log analysis and statistical tools

A few days ago old Zoo in military elder brother and small night blog to see share goaccess This relatively powerful log analysis tool, from the user experience of functional and relational data, it is a good tool that can be used in Linux vps/server

UBUNTU SERVER 12.04 builds PHP environment

Tags: des class blog Code http TarUbuntu server and desktop are equipped with the PHP lamp environment, the steps are no different, the relevant tutorials online is also a lot, here to put their own configuration process recorded, save every time

Resolve the pure IP address library

Label:For a week, has been doing IP address database parsing. From research to coding to optimization, it took about seven or eight days. It feels fun. Summarize the whole process of doing it.1. How to parse IP address libraryThere are two main ways

Detailed description of Nginx (upper) function overview, the introduction of common functional modules, installation and common optimization on CENTOS7

Tags: com image mct original event end EFI Google ICANginx is a high-performance Web and reverse proxy server, it has a lot of very advantageous features:As a WEB server: using fewer resources compared to Apache,nginx, supporting more concurrent

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