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Why does Microsoft choose to open up the. NET core on Github?

This article comes from an announcement from Microsoft Open source. NET, which explains why Microsoft has chosen to open source. NET at Github and the evolution of Microsoft's understanding of open source and open source communities. For. NET,

GitHub Quick Start tutorial for designers

Kevin (Tower Designer): In the Internet industry must have heard more or less of the name of GitHub, in addition to the largest open source project hosting platform, many enterprises are also using GitHub to work together, of course, we are one of

GitHub Novice Detailed Tutorial

This article is my own writing about GitHub, and from what I've just heard, there are detailed steps to explain every step of the way, with some screenshots or code coming from the Web. First, I'll start with a simple introduction to GitHub, GitHub

GitHub getting started and github for windows Installation tutorial, githubfor

GitHub getting started and github for windows Installation tutorial, githubfor Before reading this tutorial, I want to search for how to use gitHub to host my own projects. Before using gitHub, I also encountered various problems. I also searched a

Open Source Project Benefits-github Open Source project free use of azure PipeLine

After Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub, many people suspect that Microsoft may be able to cut VSTS, but the fact that VSTS has not been cut off, more information about Azure DevOps can be viewed in this blog, if you want to view the original text

Introducing. NET core (Introduction to. NET Core)

This rookie is basically a British blind, this blog is I use Youdao translation, fortunately content is simple, I hope not fraught. Good English comrades can go directly to the original text:

Why choose. NET Core?

why Choose. Netcore? Learning a new development framework is a huge investment. You need to learn how to write, build, test, deploy, and maintain applications in a new framework. As a developer, there are many frameworks to choose from, and it's

Step by step create a blog homepage on GitHub (7)-service provider compatible with Windows writer

ArticleDirectory   Summary This series of articles will teach you how to create your own blog or homepage on GitHub step by step. In fact, there are many related articles on the Internet. Here, I just share my experience with new

Introducing. NET Core

at Connect (), we announce that the. NET core will be fully released as open source software. I also agree with more details on the. NET Core. In this article, I will provide the. NET core, how we go about releasing it, how it relates to the. NET

GitHub pages + Hexo + domain binding build personal Blog

EnvironmentWindows 10 (64-bit) git-2.7.4-64-bit Node-v4.4.7-x64 If the above software has been installed, skip and install without installing the download. 1,git Download installation ( 2,node Download

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