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Installation and configuration of DNS (BIND) server for Linux operational operations

"The main content of this blog post" Introduction to bind server (including Introduction to Client Tools Dig) Configuring forward parsing DNS servers Configure Reverse resolution DNS server Configuring a secondary DNS server and

"DNS for Linux infrastructure services"

Transferred from: principle of DNS and its parsing processWonderful anatomyMost of the network traffic is based on TCP/IP, and TCP/IP is based on the internet, so when the computer communicates on the

Linux-dns basic knowledge and simple configuration of BIND-1

1. What is DNSDNS: Domain Name Service, which is a hierarchical computer and network Service naming system that implements name resolution (HOSTNAMEDNS uses the C/s architecture, and the service listens on port 53rd of the host's tcp/udp. Transport

Start from scratch to teach you common DNS troubleshooting methods

In actual application, DNS resolution errors may occur, that is, when we access a domain name, it cannot be resolved to an IP address, however, you can directly enter the website IP address for normal access, which is caused by a DNS resolution

DNS resolution failure

Document directory   The customer called at last night and said that the website could not be accessed. He immediately ran up, entered the domain name, and asked my friend to enter it.Change access from IP address OK, DNS problem. I came to the

Workaround for Linux to ping IP but not ping host domain name vim/etc/nsswitch.conf hosts:files DNS wins

Linux can ping IP but cannot ping host domain name resolution reprinted December 25, 2013 10:24:27 Dnsnetworks:files changed to: hos Ts:files DNS Winsnetworks:files if not the same, in the hosts: the original

Code 9527---DNS Protocol

Code 9527---DNS Protocol In Zhou xingchi's movie Tang bohu's qiuxiang, As soon as Zhou xingchi entered Washington, he was forced to add a code 9527. From then on, Washington started to call the main character 9527, rather than his name. Domain

Postfix DNS conflicts

When sending an email,PostfixUse the system's resolver (that isDNSClient, which can query the domain information function library from the DNS server) to obtain DNS information. When receiving A mail, the DNS of your domain must provide delivery

Protocol forest 13 9527 (DNS Protocol)

Author: vamei Source: welcome reprint, please also keep this statement. Thank you!   In Zhou xingchi's movie Tang bohu's qiuxiang, As soon as Zhou xingchi entered Washington, he was forced to add a code 9527. From

Java internal DNS query implementation and parameter settings

Java internal DNS query implementation and parameter settings1. Java internal DNS query Java uses its own internal domain name implementation mechanism for domain name query, and finally submits it to InetAddress for DNS resolution. Source code

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