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Installation and configuration of DNS (BIND) server for Linux operational operations

"The main content of this blog post" Introduction to bind server (including Introduction to Client Tools Dig) Configuring forward parsing DNS servers Configure Reverse resolution DNS server Configuring a secondary DNS server and

Linux DNS detailed

DNS ServiceDNS: Domain Nsme ServiceRole: Resolving the domain name to IP (forward parsing) or resolving IP to a domain name (reverse parsing)Classification of DNS top-level domains:Organization domain:. com. net. org .....Country domain:. CN. tw. JP

The use method and principle of Dns+tunnel (DNS tunneling) technology-DNS2TCP

Recently met a domestic Daniel, heard a call DNS tunnel technology, after a study, found very interesting, record. what is DNS tunnel. DNS tunnel is the DNS tunnel. From the name point of view is to use the DNS query process to establish tunnels,

Resolve DNS faults with Dig tools on Linux and Unix

In actual application, DNS resolution errors may occur, that is, when we access a domain name, it cannot be resolved to an IP address, however, you can directly enter the website IP address for normal access, which is caused by a DNS resolution

Nine DNS security protection techniques in a Linux application environment

& Nbsp; (1) restrict name server recursive query function & nbsp; disable recursive query to enable name server passive mode, when it sends a query request to the external DNS, it will only answer the query request of its authorized domain, without

Nine DNS Security Protection Techniques in a Linux application environment

(1) restrict name server recursive query Disabling recursive queries can enable the name server to enter the passive mode. When it sends a query request to an external DNS, it will only answer the query request for its authorized domain, instead of

Principle and Practice of DNS tunnel

What is DNS tunnel? DNS tunnel is the DNS tunnel. The DNS query process is used to establish a tunnel and transmit data. Why use DNS tunnel? When you are in a hotel, airport or other public place, there is usually a Wi-Fi signal, but when you visit

Postfix DNS conflicts

When sending an email,PostfixUse the system's resolver (that isDNSClient, which can query the domain information function library from the DNS server) to obtain DNS information. When receiving A mail, the DNS of your domain must provide delivery

Bind detailed, master-slave DNS

If we want our website, For example, by others through the domain access, then we need to register with the agent---the domestic network, the new network, foreign dog father, etc., agents will help you to the root domain registration, if

DNS protocol details

DNS protocol details I. PrefaceThe new version of Foxmail provides the "express mail" function. At first, I did not know how to use it. Later I learned to set the IP address of the local DNS server in tools> System Options.I think this new function

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