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Workaround for Linux to ping IP but not ping host domain name vim/etc/nsswitch.conf hosts:files DNS wins

Linux can ping IP but cannot ping host domain name resolution reprinted December 25, 2013 10:24:27 Dnsnetworks:files changed to: hos Ts:files DNS Winsnetworks:files if not the same, in the hosts: the original

DNS domain name resolution configuration file/etc/resolv. conf

/Etc/resolv. conf This file is a DNS domain name resolution configuration file. Its format is very simple. Each line starts with a keyword, followed by configuration parameters.Resolv. conf has four keywords:Nameserver # define the IP address of the

DNS domain name resolution service for Linux systems

The role and type of 1.DNS systemThe role of DNS system in the network is to maintain an address database, which records the various host domain names also IP address correspondence, in order to provide the client program forward or reverse the

PHP Batch Check whether the domain name is registered and obtain the registered name of the registered company

A small task, to a containing thousands of domain name of Excel, to detect whether it has been registered, register to obtain a registered company, and to obtain the corresponding website can open normally, and finally to excel file rendering.1. At

Workaround for Ubuntu to ping IP but not to ping host domain name

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vi/etc/nsswitch.confHosts:files DNSNetworks:filesChange to:Hosts:files DNS

Bind domain name server for linux service configuration

1. Install bindThis software is to provide the software to build a DNS server. Here is not the description of what is the DNS and so on inside the concept of the class of things, because there is a lot of information on the network, so back and

Slow-DNS-lookup problem: ipv6-dns-lookup is enabled by default so that you have to wait for timeout

@ Zheng yu Summary   I. symptom: Java httpclient initiates an HTTP request to the WebService interface under the x××× open. x××. com domain name from the master station data center, which is extremely slow. Troubleshooting: 1.1. wget test

linux[Basic]-33-[dns Server]-[forward and reverse Domain name resolution]-[01]

Dns_bind_ forward and reverse domain name resolutionBind Service supports TSIG Secure encryption transfer mechanismDNS domain name resolution service for resolving domain name and IP address correspondence Serviceforward parsing: Based on the domain

Linux system installation DNS domain name Resolution Service

Installing DNS domain name resolution service under Linux systemThe steps are as follows:1> view hangs in mirror location650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" image. png "alt="

Why does apache fail to execute access restrictions based on the host name or domain name?

Article Title: Why does the access restriction of apache based on host name or domain name fail to be correctly executed. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system

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