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. Net tip-C #,. Net send mail three methods (Localhost, SMTP, SSL-SMTP)

Recently, due to the needs of an R & I project, users require that the system send an email reminder or send an email every Monday to automatically collect data, therefore, I also found relevant materials and wrote a Demo to share with you, so that

Use SMTP to send emails in. NET

This article is reprinted and may be useful to everyone. SummaryThis article briefly introduces the process of sending emails through the SMTP protocol (RFC2554), and discusses in.. NET using SMTP to send mail from simple to traditional three

msg command using detailed _dos/bat

Recently in the compilation of FTP upload data batch processing, the need to use the local area network transmission data to prompt error, suddenly remembered forgot n long useless command (net send), results in Win7 under CMD run net send/? Failed

Implementing code to send mail using SMTP in

Core code: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: public class Mail { #region Message Parameters static public string accountname = system.configuration.configurationmanager.appsettings["Smtpaccountname"]; static public string password =

C # Three ways to send mail (LOCALHOST,SMTP,SSL-SMTP)

Recently due to a r&i project needs, user requirements in the purchase of products or shipments and other links, need to send an email alert or every Monday to let the system automatically collect data sent an e-mail, so I also find relevant

C # send emails, including console programs, WPF, WebForm, and ASP. NET MVC

I have always wanted to master the mail sending function, and I 've been dragging it all over the past two days. I 've finally looked at it and sorted it out. I hope it can help me learn it. The SMTP server can be used to send emails. One is to use

Implementation Code for sending mails using SMTP in asp. NET

Core code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Public class Mail{# Region email ParametersStatic public string accountName = System. Configuration. ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "SmtpAccountName"];Static public string password = System. Configuration. send email First, let's take a look at the SMTP classes that are coming with the. NET class library.Under the System.Web.Mail namespace in. NET, there is a class that specifically uses the SMTP protocol to send messages: SmtpMail, which meets the most

ASP. NET combined with COM component to send email hbzxf (original)

ASP. NET sends email with COM ComponentZhang Feng (A Hao. Net) Send the email in the development emailProgramWe often need to use the corresponding components. In fact, third-party components (such as jmail) are not required to send emails as

ASP. NET Send mail

protected void Button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e) {sendsmtpemail ("", "[email& Nbsp;protected] "," XX password xxxx "," [email protected] "," 123 "," Send mail with ASP, use QQ server, Test Success ")

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