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Nginx package rpm, nginxrpm

Nginx package rpm, nginxrpmInstall rpmbuild, generate a directory, and write a spec file with your own spec file. Due to the company's needs, nginx needs to add lua and other dependent packages, and then packages the rpm through the compilation

Ansible-playbook manual compilation and installation of nginx

Although nginx can also be installed through yum, how can I use the source code package to install and enable some nginx functional modules, and send them to the managed cluster through ansible? The following provides a specific example for the bit

Linux (centOS) manual installation of Apache + MySQL + PHP + Memcached + Nginx

This document describes how to manually install Apache + MySQL + PHP + Memcached + Nginx on Linux (centOS ). ========================= Step 1: install Apache (updated to 2.2.x) ============================== Step 1: install Apache (updated to 2.2.x)

LNMP implements nginx, php, and mysql separation based on fastcgi

  In normal times, LNMP is installed on the same machine. I think this is not a challenge for everyone. Next we will remove them to different machines, to allow servers to directly share the original pressure, you can also add nodes to achieve load

Nginx + LuaJIT + Redis compilation and configuration tutorial

Recently, the local development machine is required to simulate the server environment. The initial requirement is to set up the configuration of Nginx + Luajit + Redis combination, this blog uses the same configuration method in the host where it

Nginx load balancing and reverse proxy extension functions

This article mainly introduces the related functions of Nginx Plus, which spans the various versions of Nginx plus R5/R6/R7/R9. The more advanced usage of Nginx reverse proxy and load balancing is involved. Mainly include: HTTP load balancer, HTTP

LNMP build, Nginx integration PHP-FPM namely FASTCGI implementation, and Nginx multiple virtual host configuration

PHP Programmer One, this environment is a personal note bar, posted out Environment: CentOS 5.5 The mirror address will not be posted. php-5.4.20 Address: Mysql-5.. 5.48 (Universal binary format) Address:

Nginx Installation Manual

Wgethttp: // response/     Wget 1. install Install it on/usr/local/nginx by default   Tar-zxvf nginx-1.0.4.tar.gz Cd nginx-1.0.4 ./Configure Make; make install   2. run   /Usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx #

Nginx + PhP (FastCGI) build a web server 10 times better than Apache

Nginx ("engine X") is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server and an IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. NginxIt was developed by the site, where Igor Sysoev is the second highest traffic in Russia. It has been running on this site for

Set up cacti on nginx

CactiCacti built on nginx is a set of network traffic monitoring graphical analysis tools developed based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP and RRDTool www.2cto. comCacti and Nagios are now using a large number of network monitoring software. The difference

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