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Rsync configuration details

Rsync configuration details this article describes 2.4.6 rsync compilation and installation is very simple, just need the following simple steps: [root @ www rsync-2.4.6] #. /configure [root @ www rsync-2.4.6] # make [root @ www rsync-2.4.6] # make

Web site mirroring and backup with Rsync [reprint]

Brief introductionFor small and medium-sized businesses or websites that choose Linux as an application platform, they often face problems with remote backup of data or mirror images of the site, although there are commercially available backup and

Using Rsync for multi-server file synchronization under Linux

Windows serves as a file server, uses Rsync's version of Windows Services, and then configures it well. You need a friend to refer to below.Windows serves as a file server, using Rsync's version of Windows services:

Xtrabackup+rsync backing up the database and synchronizing to the remote backup machine

Xtrabackup+rsync backing up the database and synchronizing to the remote backup machineSimple architecture:650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" FA ( R87X$_VX) {%ckh7klhd.png

Linux Remote Sync Tool rsync__linux

Rsync usually use a lot of places, find a detailed version, have various configuration instructions as well as several examples posted on the memo and reference Rsync is a data mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, and--remote sync can be

Remote Data Synchronization and backup using rsync in linux

Rsync is an efficient remote data backup tool. The port number of this service is 873, Is a non-independent service under Liunx, managed by the xinetd super service, instead of listening to port 873. Advantages: 1. rsync can use ssh and ssl remote

rsync Remote Data synchronous backup of Linux

The Rsync service is an efficient remote data backup tool with port number 873,is a non-independent service under the Liunx. Managed by XINETD Super service, instead of listening 873port.Strengths:1. Rsync is able to use SSH and SSL remote control

Stunnel + haproxy SSL and problem records

Document directory About SSL certificates Others Install haproxy by the way: Some practical problems and solutions Recently, Stunnel is used as a transparent proxy, and haproxy is used as an SSL solution. Stunnel is added between the user

Linux File Transfer (2)

Curl is another tool that can be used for file transmission. it is packaged as a command line tool for the libcurl Library. The libcurl Library provides APIs for relevant functions and can be called in programs. The use of libcurl Library is beyond

Squid SSL-Bump HTTPS request processing DoS Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Squid 3.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 66112CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0128 Squid is an efficient Web Cache and proxy program. An

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