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Rsync remote Synchronization

Rsync remote Synchronization Rsync introduction: Rsync is an excellent, fast, and multi-platform local or remote data image synchronization backup tool. Applicable to Unix, Linux, Windows, and other platforms. During backup synchronization, by

Real-time data synchronization using rsync + inotify in Linux

This site has been missing a similar tutorial. I will add it today. Rsync is a remote data synchronization tool. You can refer to the previous article Rsync remote data synchronization commands in linux and how to use them. however, after the data

How to configure Rsync to synchronize backup storage in linux

Article Title: linux Rsync synchronization backup storage configuration tutorial. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded

Rsync tips (penetration technique)

Transferred from 91ri About rsync Rsync (Remote synchronize)-the software that implements remote synchronization in Linux can synchronously update files and directories of two computers. When Synchronizing files, you can keep additional information

Multi-server Rsync in Ubuntu synchronizes Image Service configurations

Master server: _ ubuntu Slave server: _ centos =======================1> install rsync on both hosts ======== Install ubuntu as follows: Compile and install: download this Free Software

Installation and configuration of linux rsync

1. Installation: yum-y install rsync 2. vim/etc/xinetd. d/rsync Copy codeThe Code is as follows: service rsync { Disable = no Socket_type = stream Wait = no User = root Server =/usr/bin/rsync Server_args =-daemon Log_on_failure + = USERID } 3.

Svn combined with rsync code Publishing System

Svn combined with rsync code Publishing System Submitted by development to the test environment, tested, and released in a unified manner by O & M. The test requires a test server and an online (production environment) server. Svn running on the

Use inotify + rsync to deploy the dual server load balancer WEB server environment

1. Overview of the server running * 216GSAS300G * 2centos5. 5ip: (new) r1_e5606 * 216GSAS300G * 2centos5. 5ip: {* 2centos5. 3discuz forum 50 overview Server Web1 R410 E5520 * 2 16G SAS300G * 2 Centos5.5 ip: Web2 (new) R4

Record an rsync incremental synchronization of remote server files

: This article describes how to record an rsync incremental synchronization of remote server files. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Rsync remote shell incremental data synchronization Rsync supports two methods to synchronize files.

Automatic real-time synchronization of multiple game suit codes using rsync + inotify

A description of the application scenarioThere are several game suits running PHP code on the back end of LB, the same as PHP code for each server's environment deployment. It is now sometimes necessary to change the game profile, such as changing

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