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U-boot how to generate SPL

U-boot how to generate SPL U-boot version: 2016.05 The top-level makefile definition generates SPL: The origin of variables such as BOARD,CPU required for generating SPL: The top-level makefile contains the. config The. config contains the

am335x uboot SPL Analysis of TI Sitara am335x system

This article is reproduced from Nidetech blog Chip-to-uboot start-up process     ROM→SPL→UBOOT.IMG introduction     ROM code in 335x is the first level of Bootlader. When the MPU is power on, it will automatically execute the code here, complete

Use of the PHP SPL library

What is 1.SPL?Spl:standard PHP library PHP Standard Libraries, this starting from the php5.0 built-in components and interfaces, after 5.3 gradually mature. Because it is built into the PHP5 development environment, no configuration is

PHP SPL Standard library Interface (Interface) Learn notes

Brief introduction SPL is all called (Standard PHP library,php Standard library), from the official document, SPL mainly contains the following blocks:InterfaceDataIteratorsAbnormalfunction enhancementArrayobjectSqlfileinfoOne, interface

An array of PHP arrays with a fixed array of SPL

Arrays of PHP and SPL fixed arrays PHP fixed arrays are part of a data structure of the PHP standard library (SPL). Compared to PHP normal arrays, fixed arrays can only be used to define its subscript, and, as the name suggests, is fixed length,

SAS protocol layer (SPL)-SAS protocol layer

Opening remarks: I personally think that the entire SAS protocol family is large, and there are many concepts that are hard to understand. I can only study the actual code at work while reading the protocol in detail. In this way, we can better

[Uboot] (fifth) Uboot process--uboot START process

The following examples take the example of Project X projects tiny210 (s5pv210 platform, ARMV7 architecture) [Uboot] uboot process series :[Project X] tiny210 (s5pv210) power-on START process (BL0-BL2)[Project X] tiny210 (s5pv210) load code from

Analysis of php-automatic loading principle

Speaking of PHP automatic loading, many students may think of various framework of the automatic loading function, PHP specifications in the PSR0 and PSR4 principles, composer Automatic loading function, and so on, these are for our development to

A detailed analysis of the autoload mechanism in PHP

__autoload implementation of automatic loading, but due to the introduction of a multi-class library, __autoload Maintenance will be complex, the introduction of SPL_AOTOLOAD,SPL implementation of an automatic loading function list of manual

PHP autoload Mechanism detailed ____php

Transfer from the Internet: (1) Overview of autoload mechanismWhen developing a system using the OO pattern in PHP, it is often customary to store implementations of each class in a separate file, which makes it easy to reuse classes and

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