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Recently, we need to make a GUI application for image recognition, weigh Opencv + 1) QT, 2) Python GUI, 3). NET and select. NET...

This article provides references for C # + Opencv and Python + Opencv to save your time.

(1) C #. NET + Opencv

1) download and install the Emgu Library (for opencv on. NET env)

Download @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/emgucv/

2) How to use opencv on C #?

Configure Emgu (database) on)

3) Test on C #. NET

(2) Python + Opencv

According to the Instruction step by step on the official website, you can compile it from the source or directly use a binary file.

Note the following error: undefined cv2.SIFT ():

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SIFT'

In some cases, it is explained that the high version uses SIFT as a non-free module and requires compilation. For details, refer to this post.

However, I still did not solve the problem after compilation... So try to replace opencv 2.3.1 with opencv, and copy cv2.pyd to python in the Instruction pre-compiled binary file method on the official website ....

PS: I like to take a look at this post on mac... Installing OpenCV 2.4.2 on Mac OSX Mountain Lion with Python support

Finally, paste a python + opencv + numpy test code:

import cv2import numpy as np#import pdb#pdb.set_trace()#turn on the pdb prompt#test cv2 and numpy packageprint cv2.__version__a = np.arange(10)print(a)#read imageimg = cv2.imread('D:\privacy\picture\little girl.jpg',cv2.IMREAD_COLOR)gray = cv2.cvtColor(img,cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)cv2.imshow('tt',img);#basic accessingb,g,r = img[0,0];#blue,green,redprint b,g,rrows,columns,channels = img.shapeprint rows,columns,channelsprint img.size#channels split and mergeb,g,r = cv2.split(img)img = cv2.merge([b,g,r])#SIFTdetector = cv2.SIFT()keypoints = detector.detect(gray,None)img = cv2.drawKeypoints(gray,keypoints)#img = cv2.drawKeypoints(gray,keypoints,flags = cv2.DRAW_MATCHES_FLAGS_DRAW_RICH_KEYPOINTS)cv2.imshow('test',img);cv2.waitKey(0)cv2.destroyAllWindows()


More learning materials about Computer Vision will be updated. Please stay tuned to this blog and Sina Weibo Rachel ____ Zhang.

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