03-linux System File Properties

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1.Linux System File Properties

ls -ilEach column has the following meanings:

第一列         Inode第二列         文件类型及权限第三列         硬链接数第四列         属主权限第五列         属组权限第六列         文件或目录的大小第七八九列       最近修改时间第十列         文件或目录名字
2.Linux System File types
ls -l 文件名 //看第一个字符格式             说明-   普通文件(文本文件, 二进制文件, 压缩文件, 图片文件等) d   目录文件b   设备文件(块设备)存储设备硬盘 /dev/sda, /dev/sda1c   设备文件(字符设备)打印机,终端 /dev/tty1, /dev/zeros   套接字文件, 进程间通信p   管道文件l   链接文件
Soft and hard link differences

The difference between a soft link and a hard link under Linux:
1) The ln command creates a hard link, and the ln-s command creates a soft link.
2) The catalog cannot create hard links, and hard links are not allowed to cross the partitioned system.
3) directory Soft links are particularly common, and soft links support cross-partition systems.
4) The hard link file is the same as the inode of the source file, and the soft link file differs from the source file inode.
5) Delete the soft link file, the source files and hard-linked files have no effect.
6) Delete the hard-link file of the file, the source files and linked files have no effect.
7) Delete the source file of the linked file, no impact on hard links, will cause soft link invalidation.
8) Delete the source file and its hard link file, the whole file will be deleted.

03-linux System File Properties

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