1. The development stage of computer language

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1. Machine language

A collection of binary code (machine instructions)

2. Symbol language

If you use Add to represent "plus". Symbolic language is also known as the Symbolic assembly language (symbolic assembler language) or assembly language (assembler language).

3. Advanced language

Do not rely on a specific machine, the program written with it is applicable to any type of computer (or only with minimal modifications) The first computer high-level language--fortran

Of course, the computer does not directly recognize the high-level language program, it is necessary to use a software called the compiler to translate the program written in high-level language (source program) to the machine instruction program (target program, object programs), Then let the machine execute the machine instruction program and get the result. A statement in a high-level language often corresponds to more than one machine instruction.

  The development stage of high-level language:

  3.1 Unstructured languages

Initial language, programming style arbitrary, as long as the grammar rules can be, the process can jump freely. The program is difficult to read and maintain. such as Basic,fortran,algol and so on.

  3.2 Structured languages

The program has good characteristics of the basic structure (sequential structure, branch structure, loop structure), the process of the program does not allow arbitrary jump, the program always from the top to the bottom of the execution of each basic structure. such as Qbasic,fortran 77

C language and so on.

  3.3 Object-oriented languages

Structured languages are a bit stretched when dealing with larger-scale issues, starting with object-oriented languages such as C++,c#,visual Basic and Java

1. The development stage of computer language

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