10 common misconceptions about Android developers

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1, do not read the Android development document

The Android Developer website is a great help to you. Many documents can also be downloaded via the SDK tool. These documents are not just references to the Javadoc API, it includes a number of guides, tutorials, videos, training, and other useful information to create an Android application.

Android training, through a number of useful tutorial examples, to guide you to solve specific problems or achieve specific features.

2, not familiar with the Android development tools

The Android SDK can be used not only to compile and package your application to run on Android phones, but it has a set of tools to help you build your application. Some of these tools can help your application design graphics and layouts. Other command-line tools that provide simple, scripting access to emulators and hardware devices. There are also some that can help you with performance tuning and profiling.

More information about Android tools in the Android SDK documentation.

3. Do not seek help from the Android development community

The Android development community is large and friendly. When you have a problem, the Android SDK documentation won't answer you, we suggest you go to stackoverflow.com, it has an Android development specific tag. Other useful resources include Google mailing list and website tutorials, such as you will find in the Android software Development Center.

4, because Java language development and become lazy

Java is an advanced programming language that has a virtual machine that makes development simpler, but that doesn't mean you can be a lazy programmer. The standard programming guidelines still apply. Most Android devices have limited processing power and local storage capacity compared to traditional computers, so inefficient or incorrect programming practices can have a greater impact on overall performance and user experience.

5, think that the development of mobile projects is a small cost investment

Small screen!= small items. Many novice developers (unfortunately, their bosses) are mistaken for the idea that all mobile development projects can be completed by a college student over the weekend. (Yes, we've heard a lot of these stories.) However, the fact is that most successful projects require functional specifications like traditional software, schedules, bug tracking, Allied engineers, professional designers, QA testers, and release maintenance plans.

6, using the original Android application for the development of the foundation

Many times, we see an application based on a Hello World sample code. It is used in code without prior planning or design, and the layout of the project file is lost. The end user experience seems to be an afterthought.

First, you have to spend time learning and experimenting with the Android platform. Then, sit down with your team and think about what you really want to build and start from scratch. In the end, you will save time, reduce frustration, and have high-quality production code to facilitate future maintenance.

7. Integration with operating system

The Android platform provides developers with a lot of functionality and tightly integrates systems and other applications into their applications. Take advantage of main screen widgets, content providers, intent processing, and other features. Make sure that your application can handle any content type that appears on the shared menu. Use these platform features to differentiate your application from the general mobile experience. In addition, if your application is more accessible, users will see your application more frequently.

8, define the application of the detailed configuration improper

The Android manifest file is the central location for application configuration, but the information is often (even on the published application) incorrect. Many developers do not correctly specify the device characteristics that they support. Another common error is registering unnecessary permissions in the Android manifest file. This may cause your application to be published in the Android Market, and users will have a low rating of your application.

9. Develop iphone applications for Android

When you download a cool application to your brand new Android device, it looks and behaves exactly like a typical iOS app. Not cool. The Android platform has its own appearance and behavior, and users don't expect them to buy Android devices that are used like other platforms. These same applications are often missing widgets, content providers and other unique features of Android (see #7), which makes them even more incongruous.

10, the application does not maintain after publication

Have you noticed that many applications are not updated, while others are constantly being updated? Developers must keep their applications updated in order to maintain the associated heat of application. The Android platform is still maturing, with notice in the Android Market, which often requires developers to update the adjustment. If there are no updates, some applications may be in the back row. Make sure your application is not one of them.

Android Development Novice Beware

The best way to avoid making mistakes is to be aware of the dangers of doing so at the first time. Here, we list 10 of the most common bugs from Android developers. Take a serious look at them, which will allow you and your team to avoid these insidious pitfalls.

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