10 div+css issues to pay attention to

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Core tip: Check the HTML elements for spelling errors, forget the end tag, even the veteran also often mistaken div nested relationship. You can use the Dreamweaver verification function to check for errors.

1. Check the HTML elements for spelling errors, forgetting to end tags

Even the veteran also often mistook the nested relationship of Div. You can use the Dreamweaver verification function to check for errors.

2. Check that the CSS is correct

Check to see if there are any spelling errors, forgetting the end of the}, and so on. You can use CLEANCSS to check your CSS for spelling errors. CLEANCSS is a tool for CSS to lose weight, but can also check out spelling mistakes.

3. Determine where the error occurred

If the error affects the overall layout, you can delete the div block individually until a div block is removed and the display returns to normal to determine where the error occurred.

4. Using the Border property to determine the layout characteristics of an error element

Using the Float property layout accidentally makes an error. Adding the border attribute to the element determines the bounds of the element, and the reason for the error is the bottom line.

5. The parent element of a FLOAT element cannot specify a clear property

Macie If the clear attribute is used for the parent element of a float, the layout of the float element around it is confusing. This is Macie's famous bug, if not

Know will be detours.

6. Float element must specify the Width property

Many browsers have bugs when displaying float elements that do not specify a width. So regardless of the float element's content, be sure to specify the width property for it.

Use EM instead of PX as a unit when specifying elements.

7. Float element cannot specify properties such as margin and padding

IE has a bug when displaying float elements that specify margin and padding. Therefore, do not specify the margin and padding properties for float elements (you can set up margin and padding by nesting a div inside a float element). You can also use the Hack method to specify an extraordinary value for IE.

8. The sum of the width of the float element is less than 100%

If the width of the float element is exactly 100%, some old browsers will not display properly. So make sure the sum of width is less than 99%.

9. Did you reset the default style?

Some properties, such as margin, padding, and so on, can be interpreted differently by different browsers. Therefore, it is best to first set the margin and padding of the whole before development

0, List style set to none, and so on.

10. Have you forgotten to write a DTD?

If no matter how to adjust different browser display results or not, then you can check the beginning of the page is not forget to write the following line DTD:

! DOCTYPE HTML public \ "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 transitional//en\" \ "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd/"

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