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It is a very important process to examine and test the code to identify any potential errors that can be eliminated immediately before being placed on the site. The process of code checking is also known as the linting between web designers and developers. As a designer, if you want to write highly optimized code, then you will need to linting tools. There are two types of code-checking tools. One is the error and bug in the execution time check code. The other is to use static code analysis techniques and check the code before executing. The latter is obviously better because it can save time and trouble.

In fact, linting can be put in different stages. If you like to test the code while you're typing it, you can use the Lint tool. Of course, if you want to lint code at the time of keeping the file or the execution stage, then the Linting tool can be as you wish. It depends on the individual's choice. If you're looking for the best linting tool for CSS and JavaScript, read on.


Admittedly csslint will "hurt your feelings", but in exchange it will "make your code a lot better". Csslint currently leads the market for CSS Linting. It is written in JavaScript, not only open source, but also comes with a large number of configuration options.

2.SublimeLinter Csslint

Csslint is such an efficient CSS linting tool that it's hard to find a competitor that can rival it. Maybe that's why the Sublimelinter linting framework will build its CSS linting plugin on top of csslint. Sublimelinter is a Sublimetext plugin that provides users with the means to lint code (CSS,PHP,PYTHON,JAVA,RUBY, etc.).


Stylelint can help developers avoid grammatical errors that can be parsed by CSS, SCSS, or any other postcss. Stylelint has tested more than 100 rules, you can choose the rules you want to switch (see this example configuration).

4.W3C CSS Validator

Although the CSS validator is often not considered a linting tool, it provides developers with a good chance to check CSS code with official web standards. The creation of its own validation program, designed to provide a tool similar to the Lint program Checker for C language.

5.Dirty Markup

Dirty markup can clean, format, and validate your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. If you like simple and straightforward design, and want a quick solution, then choose it right. When you write or modify code in the editor, Dirty markup can throw error messages and notifications in real time.


JSLint was originally released by Douglas Crockford in 2002 and has been thriving since then, so you can safely identify it as a stable and reliable JavaScript linting tool.


Jshint is a community-driven project that starts with the effort to create a more configurable, less stubborn version of JSLint. Jshint allows the developer to configure any of its linting options, and then puts the custom configuration into a separate file, which makes the tool easy to reuse, making it ideal for large projects.


Eslint is the latest big thing in JavaScript linting. It is popular because of its highly flexible nature. Not only can you customize a large number of cutting-edge linting rules, integrate it with all major code editors, but you can easily extend its functionality by adding different plugins.


The Jscs, or JavaScript code style, is a pluggable code style linter for JavaScript to check code formatting rules. The goal of Jscs is to provide a programmatic way to implement compliance with a coding style wizard. Although Jscs does not check for bugs and errors, it is still used by many high-tech industry players, such as Google, Airbnb and Angularjs, because it helps developers maintain a highly readable and consistent code base.


Standardjs, or JavaScript standard style is a code style Linter, a bit like Jscs, but the difference is much simpler and straightforward. Standardjs is a great choice if you don't want to spend time on configuration and just want an efficient tool that can be used out of the box.

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10 optimized code for CSS and JavaScript tools

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