10 recommended efficient Java tools and class libraries, 10 Java tool Libraries

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10 recommended efficient Java tools and class libraries, 10 Java tool Libraries

As a Java architect and developer, some efficient tools are essential for stable and qualified completion of work. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to support the Java platform. These tools make the development process simpler, faster, and more efficient. With some perfect tools, developers can generate a more elegant and robust code.

Next, I will recommend 10 efficient Java tools and class libraries for you.


Clover is a great tool that helps test optimization and further code optimization. It can run on some continuous integration systems or IDE. It thinks that things that are most susceptible to encoding errors are very important. Therefore, you will pay more attention to those items during the test. It does not affect the testing speed by some recent code adjustments, but also provides quick feedback after testing the code.

Jar Links

You have noticed that conflicts between packages or namespaces between different versions of the same product are common. Jar Links can avoid this situation. When you create a package again, it will help you select a proper package name. This is an ideal solution to solve the dependency problem. This tool is similar to the Minijar Maven plug-in and solves the same problem, but the processing method is different.


Guava provides many Google core libraries and provides many convenient methods for Java projects, such as concurrent libraries, primitive support, Set Operations, string processing, and caching.


When you import class libraries from the repository anonymously, developers may not provide detailed information or documents. However, through the Bintray social platform, you can view the source code or share it with several developers. Its repository contains over 85000 packages. You can easily find the desired class library.


JEXL is an easy-to-embed Expression Language. Don't be confused. To put it simple, it is a library that allows some scripts, Java frameworks, and libraries for dynamic execution of applications. It helps technical consultants on the Enterprise platform to view hidden other script functions and build and implement them as needed.


Developed by JetBrains, IntelliJ is a very intelligent Java IDE that provides a very useful tool set to ensure better and more efficient code production in the shortest time. It provides an intuitive and friendly interface, smooth operation, and stable performance. It is very similar to Eclipse and can be used by the flagship edition or community edition. The flagship edition provides commercial IDE functions and a complete toolkit and integrates the latest framework. However, the Community edition is basically a free open-source version that facilitates programming in Java, Scala, and other languages.


This tool is mainly used to identify and notify the cause of code interruption. It basically covers all new errors, and there are some representative causes of errors. It will directly notify developers of the error and cause summary, so that they can quickly solve the error with the best solution.

This tool has the following features:

Detects and prompts the captured http errors and exceptions.

Analyze the real code and variable States of different applications and machines.

You can also determine the number of errors in a piece of code and compare whether the frequency of errors increases.


Librato is a managed service that helps control and monitor cloud applications. It takes only a few seconds to easily configure a custom monitoring dashboard. Pure Language binding uses languages such as Clojure and Java. Supports integration with AWS, Heroku, and many other cloud platforms for data collection. When the metric value exceeds the defined threshold, an alarm notification is automatically generated. Librato can present everything perfectly and know how to make data meaningful.


This tool uses static analysis to help locate Java program errors. FindBugs is free. You can use a GUI or multiple IDE plug-ins such as NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse.


Plumbr is designed to solve real-time performance problems. It can perfectly detect memory leaks, inefficient garbage collection, and Java application problems such as thread locks. Using it ensures the smooth development of the project and the best performance. You only need to add the tool to your program. If you find any defects, you will be prompted. It provides all the details such as memory leakage, leakage rate, and actual location of the Code. Therefore, it provides perfect error information to help you fix the code.

The above tools are designed to assist Java development and help developers to complete tasks in a simple and efficient manner. After selecting and using them, they will soon be able to experience different feelings.

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