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The PHP framework is a useful tool for Web developers, helping users to complete projects faster and easier. According to the survey, PHP is still one of the most popular and practical platforms in web development. When it comes to web development, many people will still choose to use the PHP framework to simplify their work with the features of the framework. The biggest advantage of the framework is that it can eliminate redundant code and save time and effort for maintenance. Therefore, I have summarized the following PHP framework, whether you are a PHP expert or small white, can learn and use.

1. Agavi

Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC model. It can help developers write simple, maintainable, and extensible code. It provides a comprehensive tool for building and deploying PHP-based Web applications, focusing on long-term maintenance quality.

2. fuelphp

Fuelphp is a simple, flexible, community-driven PHP 5.3 Web framework that draws on the benefits of other frameworks, is very portable, and almost all servers are well supported, and simple and powerful syntax allows you to quickly enjoy it.

3. Webasyst

Websyst is a series of Web applications where users can work together to create a Web site. This is an E-commerce + construction station + cooperation platform.

4. Zend Server

Zend server is a PHP Web development application Server developed by PHP's founding company Zend, a ready-made PHP solution that simplifies the development and operation of PHP applications in Windows and Linux environments. It automates development efforts, provides the best backend platform, and ensures the use and performance of applications.

5. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a set of application development frameworks and toolkits for use by developers of PHP Web sites. All you need is a simple toolkit to create a full-featured Web application.

6. Cake

Cake is a PHP based, free and open source, rapid development of the framework, reference to MVC and other well-known design patterns. It provides the basic architecture that programmers need, and programmers can use it to create Web applications faster and more flexibly, allowing developers of all levels of PHP to quickly develop robust web applications.

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