12 powerful recommendations for the best Android development ebook and 12 android

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12 powerful recommendations for the best Android development ebook and 12 android

Nowadays, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in the mobile Internet era. Android, as the main mobile operating system, has attracted many developers to develop applications for the Android system.

If you are developing or preparing for Android development, the 12 best Android development-related e-books we recommend today will benefit you a lot. Some of them are suitable for beginners, while others concentrate on some development tips. If you like it, download it for free now!

1. Head First Android Development [go deep into Android Development]


The English high-definition pdf is easy to use in a simple series of Android development. It is very interesting to inherit the characteristics of the Head First series.

2. Hello, Android, 3rd Edition [basic Android tutorial (version 3rd)]


The basic Android tutorial (version 3rd) explores advanced topics such as external communication, location-based services, built-in SQLite databases, and powerful 3D graphics. The content and examples in the book are updated based on the new Android version. Improvements were made based on the reader's feedback. In addition to supporting various screen resolutions and Android best practices, the basic Android tutorial (version 3rd) also describes multi-touch and dynamic wallpaper programming interface functions.

3. Android Hacker's Handbook


The English version is very clear. If you want to see the security mechanism of Android, you can consider it as a very good book.

This book is very in-depth on the android system mechanism. To further improve the android skill, she does not belong to her.

4. Instant Spring for Android Starter


5. 50 Android Hacks [creating high-quality Android applications: 50 tips for Android Development]


"Creating high-quality Android applications: 50 tips for Android development" is currently the only book that explains Android Application development from the perspective of development skills, it aims to quickly improve developers' ability to solve various difficult problems,

To create high-quality Android applications. The translators are experienced Android development engineers. The authors carefully summarize 50 typical problems encountered in Android application development,

These problems involve layout, animation, view, tool, list, adapter, utility library, interaction with other programming languages, database, build tool, code reuse, and code fragmentation..

6. The Business of Android Apps Development, 2nd Edition


Essential for Android Enterprise Development

7. Learn Java for Android Development, 3rd Edition


The content on the 655 page is very comprehensive. From the perspective of mobile development, you can learn Java, which is more practical and targeted. The source code used in combination with the tutorial is introduced above. You can download the original English version, which is recommended.

8. Beginning Android 3D Game Development


A good book for Android 3D game development!

9. Enterprise Android: Programming Android Database Applications for the Enterprise


A good book on Android database application development!

10. Create Mobile Games with Corona: Build with Lua on iOS and Android


11. Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, 3rd Edition


A good book for Android Application Development for beginners.

12. Unboxing Android USB: A hands on approach with real world examples


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Android development instances and e-books

Android core technologies and examples are explained in detail. I am reading a book and think it is good. You can go to his workshop chapter!

What books should I read when developing Android e-books?

Let's take a look at the android development practices and many examples.

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