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WHMCS of ruige cannot register a domain name. If it is MJJ, you can also sponsor it.

Address: http://cloud.adminhost.org/

Free VM sponsorship program

The initial solution is a 1 GB free vm. The detailed parameters are as follows:

Space: 1000 M monthly traffic: 10G parking space: 10 subdomains: 30 additional domains: 2
Control panel: Cpanel language support: PHP MySQL database: 10

Application method: Leave a message in this article, or send an email to The admin@wcjblog.com, the domain name is necessary, the user name is free, all the information you need will be sent to you through email

Sponsor host No. 1

The following lists the configurations of the current host:
Space: 300 M
Traffic: 5000 M
Domain name: one top-level domain name is bound
Outbound bandwidth: 100 M
For more information about host configuration, see http://fy.lovesugar.info /.

Free personal blog host sponsorship

Linux host, supports PHP, does not support ASP, and each user has a SQL database,
The monthly traffic is 10 GB, and the disk space is 1 GB, which is sufficient,
This host can be bound with 10 domain names. These 10 domain names share monthly traffic and disk space,
Therefore, a limited number of gifts are given to ten friends.
I believe that newbie webmasters are definitely enough,
If this is not enough, the host will definitely not be able to accommodate this big God,
For your own visitor, you can move out.


1. Node myhost. ga La (fast)

Support for ssh (disabled by default)
One independent ip address
1 TB in total
Probe: http://myhost.ga/tanzhen.php.
Website type: it complies with Chinese and American regulations, and prohibits collection, garbage collection, scheduled tasks, Business verification, and attack types.
Application Conditions: Strict. arno is determined based on the information provided by the applicant.
List of existing sites: myhost. ga forbag.net
2. Node free. myhost. ga USA

Support for ssh (disabled by default)
One independent ip address
Unlimited traffic
Probe: http://free.myhost.ga/tanzhen.php.
Website creation type: unlimited
Application Conditions: unlimited
List of existing sites: free. myhost. ga
3. Node free.forbag.net USA

One independent ip address
Unlimited traffic
Probe: http://free.forbag.net/tanzhen.php.
Website creation type: unlimited
Application Conditions: unlimited
List of existing sites:

High school student blog Alliance

Sponsorship blog space specifications: 300 MB monthly traffic: 5 GB ~ 10 GB (5 GB by default, if not enough, you can contact me to adjust) supported languages: PHP/MYSQL installable websites: Wordpress, Emlog, Typecho (blog sponsors can only install blogs) registration address: my.zzfly.net

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