free space partition

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How to fix partition tables on a hard disk

Partition Table faults After the partition table is damaged, "non-system disk or disk error, replace disk and press a key to reboot" (non-system disk or disk error) often occurs when the system is started) "error loading operating system" (loading

OSX: diskutil command-convert to free space and then partition it

Disclaimer: the operations involved in this article are likely to damage your system files and cause data loss. Please imitate them carefully. The author shall not be liable for any consequences. Purpose: Although you are familiar with the diskutil

How to fix a damaged partition table

We use the computer when the hard disk partition fails to do, this tutorial and you together to analyze the problem. Why does the partition table fail? When the partition table is corrupted, the system often appears "Non-system disk or disk

System Management: linux disk structure and partition

System Management: This section describes the linux disk structure and partition-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. First, we need to have a preliminary understanding of

Introduction to linux partition

First, we need to have a preliminary understanding of the basic concepts of Hard Disk partitioning. Hard Disk partitioning is mainly divided into two types: Basic partition and extension partition, the sum of the number of basic partitions and

One step at a hard disk partition and size adjustment

The newly bought hard disk is equivalent to a "white paper", and in order to be able to use it better, we have to divide a few small pieces on the "white paper" and then hit the grid. In this way, when users write or paint on "white paper", they are

MySQL Delete cannot free space with partition instead

As the amount of data in the database becomes larger, if you want to erase a month's data and delete it with the delete command, MySQL will not free up space, must defragment, or rebuild the table with the modification engine to free up space, but

Use the $ bitmap Metafile to calculate the space used by the NTFS partition

Original article. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Thank you!Author: Qinglin, blog name: feikong jingdu   In my previous article, how to obtain the space used by NTFS volumesThis section describes how to obtain the partition space used by

Partition method of Fdisk hard disk in Linux

Fdsik can partition the disk into several zones, but also can specify partitions for each partition of the file system, such as Linux, FAT32, Linux, Linux swap, FAT16 and in fact, Unix-like operating system of the file system, etc., of course, when

Knowledge about hard disk partition tables-detailed explanation of Hard Disk MBR

This article is very detailed, the original article: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hard Disks are one of the most commonly used storage

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