2015 Android Dev Summit (Android Development Summit) Day 1, androidsummit

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2015 Android Dev Summit (Android Development Summit) Day 1, androidsummit

This year, Google I/O has not received a ticket and cannot attend the event. However, the Android Dev Summit ticket held on April 9, November is a first-come-first-served method, so you submitted the registration early. Today, we finally have the opportunity to communicate with design developers of the Android System in person, as well as Android engineers from various companies to discuss problems encountered in Android development with them.

The speech was a surprise at the beginning: Android Studio 2.0

Instant Run is the most promising and favorite feature. Modifying the code or layout in Android Studio 2.0 allows you to directly refresh the page without restarting the application, which is definitely a major improvement. This makes people feel like debugging CSS and JavaScript in Chrome.

Compilation speed improvement is also an important factor to improve efficiency, and Emulator is also greatly improved. Maybe Genymotion will not have to pay the expensive registration fee soon. However, everything is just a preview version. My colleagues downloaded Android Studio 2.0, which has improved the compilation performance, but failed to compile our project code.

In the morning, I attended three lectures. The first lecture was about "Android Application Architecture". The basic concepts and precautions are quite valuable, for example, separating Model and View, to store some local data on the machine itself, use two task queues to execute networ and local tasks separately, which will not impede processes. However, the actual application depends on the changes in the company's project requirements.

The other two time periods have two options. I participated in the Message Notification and text Layout respectively ), this is because I will be directly engaged in my work. However, it is a very basic entry-level content. To learn more, you have to go to the official website to read the documentation and view the API and test it yourself. So there is also a Lab area in the venue, providing computers for everyone to try it on their own.

There is a free lunch at noon, and no photos are taken. I will make up a picture tomorrow.

The RecyclerView introduction in the afternoon gave me a very serious speech, and I also saw Chet Haase, a great god in the Android UI field.

Then I introduced the structure and functions of the Support Library.

Since I got up at in the morning and was very tired all over the world, I didn't even listen to Permission's speech. However, my colleague has provided complete support for the company's App in Permission, which is also an expert. If I have something to ask, I will have a good answer.

In the final Fireside Chat environment, all conference organizers and speakers sat on the stage to answer questions. If you have the opportunity to watch the video, you can also see me.

Finally, there is a small Party in the evening. But it is basically for social use. I am lucky to have more exchanges with the company's great gods (that is, the one who taught me to use Java annotations, I also met my colleagues working as Android in other groups in the company. Of course, I also met some senior programmers from other well-known companies, listened to their stories about their difficulties and problems, and shared their experiences.

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