20170410---Linux lesson materials---Use of vim

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First we need to know what vim is. -----> Vim is a text editor developed from VI.

The question comes again, what is VI? ------> VI is a UNIX-like (can be understood as Linux) built-in, which is a self-brought text editor.

What's the difference between VI and VIM?

As an example:

VI----> Windows TXT text editor

Vim----> Notepad++,word,wps

1 Vim is the upgrade version of VI, fully compatible with VI, you can use Vim as vim

2 Multilevel Undo VI Press U can only undo the last command, VIM can be unlimited revocation, that is, myeclipse inside the CTRL + Z

3 Syntax highlighting =

4 Multi-platform, multi-terminal operation, high compatibility---> Running on Windows, Mac OS.

Vim has no interface, only commands

1 Vim file name Enter general mode

2 I enter edit mode

3 Esc key into bottom row mode

4:wq!/:q! ---> Save/exit

Set line number:

Disposable---->: Set nu Cancel---->: Set Nonu

If there is a problem, there is a permanent setting:

1 VIM/ETC/VIMRC---> Open our VIMRC file

2 Enter in the last position: set Nu

3 Esc key into bottom row mode: wq! Save exit!

* VI/ECT/VIRC---> Open our Virc file

Step above

Delete command

X: Delete the character where the cursor is located

DD: Delete the line where the cursor is located!


How to modify the Linux system display language

1 root permissions under Terminal input: Locale-a appears Zh_cn.utf8 description system supports this language

2 Terminal input: vim/etc/sysconfig/i18n

Edit i18n This configuration file

Make the following configuration and save

#LANG = "en_US. UTF-8 "

Lang= "Zh_cn.utf8"

Sysfont= "Latarcyrheb-sun16"

3 system text becomes Chinese simplified after rebooting system

sudo shutdown-r now

20170410---Linux lesson materials---Use of vim

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