Use VIM to delete even-numbered rows or odd rows in Linux systems _linux

The following methods are used to delete even rows: : G/^/+1 D It used: Gbobal command, gbobal command format as follows: : [Range]global/{pattern}/{command} The global command is actually divided into two steps: First scans all

On Linux use vim edit file save times Wrong: E514:write error (File system full?) __linux

Today on Linux using vim edit file save times the following error E514:write error (File system full?) Looking at the error, the disk is full, so use DF-HL to view the disk usage $ sudo df-hl filesystem Size Used avail use%

A variety of tab_vim techniques in vim

Expandtab: When you type , you automatically convert to spaces Tabstop=n: A will be converted to n spaces inserted into the text Retab: When ' Expandtab ' is set, the newly typed is converted to a space, but the existing requires the Retab

Vsvim using Tutorials (and a brief introduction to VIM)

1. Configure shortcut keys 1. Four modes: Normal,insert,visual,command 2. Map map:imap,nmap,vmap,cmap Noremap:inoremap,nnoremap, Vnoremap,cnoremap 3.Visual Studio shortcut 0.VsVim configuration optins->vsvim-> defaults:use

Vi/vim Delete and other commands

Delete one line: DDDelete a word/cursor after the remainder of the word: DWDelete Current character: XThe line part after the cursor: d$Text deletionDD Delete a rowd$ delete a line of characters starting with the current characterNDD deletes n rows

Vi/vim command Explanation

Basic Command Learning Directory HomeOriginal link: VIvi filename# Open or create a new file and place the cursor at the beginning of the firstvi +n filename# Open the file and place the cursor

Don't say you don't know it/a minute to bring you to know Vim's past life

In some questions about the text editor, I will mention that vim in the text editor is no editor can be out of its right, including Vim's old enemy Emacs, in this regard can not look at vim nape.    Ago  World  After these days of study, you should

Three years of ice-drinking-ai-linux-04 vim editor

Three modes of VIM: Command line mode, edit mode, extended mode1: Common operations in command line modeDeleteA): DD deletes the cursor as it moves forwardb): NDD delete n rows after the current line of the cursorCopyc): YY copy cursor where you are

VIM Snippet Plugin ultisnips use tutorial

Blog OriginalInstallationUltisnips plug-in installation is divided into two parts, one is the ultisnips plug-in itself, the other is the code snippet warehouse. In general, the default code snippet repository is downloaded and uploaded to your

MAC Vim Installation Gruvbox theme

Gruvbox is an excellent vim color scheme, but it is not a color scheme that comes with Vim, which records the installation process.Gruvbox Official website: Installation Instructions:

How to upgrade Vim to version 8 on CentOS 7

Good students, now a lot of vim heavy users, the pursuit of vim into a first-class IDE, so many people want to upgrade vim to 8.0But compiling and installing is a hassle, now share the experience of using Yum to upgrade vim from 7.0 to 8.0[Email

Vim Code Formatting plugin Clang-format

Title:vim Code Formatting Plugin Clang-formatDate:2017-12-12 20:28:26Tags:vimCategories: Development Tools Installing the Vim-clang-format PluginProject Address:Vim-clang-formatIf you are using Vundle to manage the Vim plugin, add a line

Ideavim Plugin usage tips--jetbrains Plugin Vim

A brief introduction to the Ideavim plugin in the idea IntelliJ tips and plugins article. Here is a detailed summary of the plug-in in the daily programming of some common tips. For those interested in using this plugin, but not very familiar with

Vim Common operation

Vim filename Edit a fileIn general mode by yy is copied meaning (copy the current line), press YY before the corresponding number key is to copy the cursor line to the specified line, and then press p pasteIn general mode by DD is deleted meaning

Record several commands that vim often uses

Vi/vim Basic Use MethodThe VI Editor is the standard editor for all UNIX and Linux systems.$ vim 1.txtOpen a file with VI directly into the general mode (this is the default mode). In this mode, you can use the left and right buttons to move the

VIM Basic operation

I have heard the following jokes about VIM: The best way to randomly generate a string is to get the novice out of the Vim editor. It can be seen that people who have just touched vim are uncomfortable with the use of vim, but because

VIM Multi-file Multi-window function

Multi-file editingMany times, we need to copy the contents of a file into the B file. If we use two vim windows to edit two files, the pasted content cannot cross the window.Enter the following command to open multiple files in one window at the

Automatic completion of VIM Python code under Linux

One, vim python automatic completion plug-in: pydictionYou can implement the following Python code auto-completion:1. Simple python keyword completion2.python function Completion with parentheses3.python Module Completion4.python module internal

Don't think of vim as a Python text editor anymore! Use this!

Many people say that Vim is the best code Editor, regardless of the language, but with Python exceptions, the Python shell comes with a code editor.How to use: Open the Python shell: Click File-->new File (alt-f-n) to bring up a new window,

How to set the vim interface language (Chinese by default) for Windows to English

From Using the installation package to install Windows Version Vim (:, VIM automatically sets the vim interface language based on the language of windows. How can

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