20170513 Python Workbook 0011 filter Sensitive words

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#!/usr/bin/env python

# No. 0011: Sensitive word text file Filtered_words.txt, the contents of the following content,
# When the user enters a sensitive word, print out the Freedom, otherwise print out the Human rights.
Import re

def filted_word (filename):
Word_list=[] #定义一个空列表
with open (filename, ' r ') as F: #以读打开文件
For line in F: #以行为单位遍历文件
Content = Re.sub (r ",", line) #替换掉空格符
Word_list.append (Content.strip ()) #以行为单位添加进列表
Print (word_list)
return word_list
def filer (input_word,f_file):
If Input_word in Filted_word (f_file): #判断输入是否在列表中
Print (' Freedom ')
Print (' Human right ')
Add = ' F:\python\Python workbook \sensitivewords.txt '
Name = input (' Please enter word: ') #输入word
If __name__== ' __main__ ':
Filer (Name,add)

20170513 Python Workbook 0011 filter Sensitive words

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