2018 newest and most complete--ai + Big Data high-end training tutorial-ai video Tutorial

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2018 newest and most comprehensive--ai + Big Data high-end training course
Course Study Address: http://www.xuetuwuyou.com/course/229
The course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.com

5 Stages, 20+ course, 16+ Classic case, 4 major commercial project combat, 5 level Competency Training model (code level, application level, engineering level, algorithm level, expert level), to create the most practical, understand, learn, the most grounded gas artificial intelligence (machine learning) high-end training courses!

The course covers the following topics:
1, involving the classical AI algorithm
2, involving the Classic machine learning application field case
3. Knowledge of mathematical statistics related to classical machine learning
4. Scientific computing framework for Artificial intelligence data
5, involving artificial intelligence programming language, database and tools

The learning objectives of this course are as follows:
1. Learn Python BASIC programming grammar
2. Learn python scientific computing and Data Analysis Toolkit
3. Learning machine Learning algorithm principles and techniques
4. Learn the skills and methods commonly used in machine learning process
5. Practical training of classical machine learning projects in various industries
6. Understanding the relationship between AI, machine learning, deep learning, big data ecosystem
7, into the field of artificial intelligence

First stage: Code level
Through the Python language and Python data processing package and analysis package to master AI must be specific language level and code capabilities, able to work as a basic Python data analyst jobs

Phase II: Application-level
Through the basic mathematical statistics knowledge learning, understand machine learning must master the principles of the algorithm and Python code implementation, to use Python code combined with algorithms to solve the actual business analysis and prediction purposes, can be competent for the primary machine learning development Engineer Jobs

Phase III: Engineering grade
Through the data preparation, data features, data model in-depth introduction and algorithm optimization, combined with deep learning and specific classic cases, so that the students to the machine learning to the level of engineering application, can carry out basic algorithm evaluation and optimization, this stage of learning to be competent data mining analysts, Intermediate Machine Learning Development engineer and other positions

Phase IV: Algorithmic level
This phase will have a deeper understanding of the algorithm, combined with the learning of the relevant machine learning framework and deep learning Framework (scikit-learn\tensorflow), simplifying the implementation of artificial intelligence-machine learning code. This phase also involves machine learning in big data environments. The completion of this stage of learning can be qualified AI algorithm engineers and big data AI development engineers and other senior jobs

Fifth stage: Expert level
Participate in Ali Tianchi Contest, Kaggle Data contest data, through the concrete project actual combat machine learning, data analysis, mining, so that students learn the knowledge before the mastery, extrapolate the purpose, can be competent: Artificial Intelligence advanced algorithm engineering, AI Senior Development engineer and other work positions

2018 newest and most complete--ai + Big Data high-end training tutorial-ai video Tutorial

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