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Below are the 28 Kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 Command line tools (original link), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows. This article is also discussed in Hacker News, you can go to see. I have added the website link and some instructions in the author's original text.

Dstat & SAR

Iostat, Vmstat, Ifstat three-in-one tool for viewing system performance (I mentioned the three Xxstat tools in the performance tuning strategy).

Official website: http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/packages/dstat/

You can use this:

1 aliasdstat=‘dstat -cdlmnpsy‘


A tool to view network traffic

Official website: simple Linux Utility for Resource Management

Vim & Emacs

A real Programmer's code editor.

Screen, Dtach, Tmux, Byobu

Do you often need SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server? Do you often have headaches for long-running tasks such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks because they take too long to execute. Must wait for it to finish, during this period can not shut down the window or disconnect, otherwise this task will be killed, all halfway.

screen is a window manager that can multiplex a physical terminal across multiple processes. Screen has the concept of session, users can create multiple screen windows in a screen session, in each of the screens window like the operation of a real telnet/ssh connection window. See the IBM Developerworks article, "Managing your remote session with screen"

Dtach is a gadget used to simulate the detach function of screen, which allows you to attach to various sessions in a casual manner. For the DTACH+DVTM look.

Tmux is an excellent end-use software, similar to GNU screen, but comes from OpenBSD, with BSD licensing. The most intuitive benefit of using it is that when you log in to a remote host through a terminal and run Tmux, you can open multiple consoles in it without having to "waste" redundant terminals to connect to the remote host, which is much more than that. Advantages over screen: You can split the windows horizontally and vertically, and the panes are free to move and resize.  can be copied and pasted in multiple buffers, support cross-window search; no need to re-detach after normal disconnection; Some people say that--screen is almost tmux compared to the other one.

Byobu is a tool developed by Ubuntu that is packaged on screen and makes it easier to use. The newest Byobu, already based on Tmux as the back end. The "byobu-tmux" command-line frontend can be used to accept various parameters that are identical to Tmux to control it. The details of the Byobu are done very well, as follows:


Multitail is a software that implements the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple documents, like the tail command. The difference between him and tail is that he opens multiple windows in the console, which makes it possible to monitor multiple log documents at the same time. He can also look at the log file statistics, merge log files, filter log files, split screen, .....

Official website: http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/


At the end of the PPT, if in such a conference with this presentation PPT, it is too TMD geek.

Official website: http://www.ngolde.de/tpp.html

Xargs & Parallel

Executes tasks from input (even multithread).

Xargs is a relatively ancient command, with simple parallel functions, this does not say. For the GNU parallel (online manpage), it is not only able to handle multiple threads on the machine, but it can also be dispersed to the remote computer to assist with processing. Before using the GNU parallel, make sure that the GNU Parallel/ssh/rsync is installed on the machine, and that the remote computer will also have SSH installed.

Duplicity & Rsyncrypto

Duplicity is a highly efficient backup software encrypted using the rsync algorithm, duplicity supports directory encryption production and format upload to remote or local file servers.

Rsyncrypto is rsync + encryption. For the rsync algorithm, we can see the core rsync algorithm of the cool shell.

Encrypting backup tools.

NetHack & Slash ' em

NetHack (Wiki), a 20-year-old computer game. No sound, no nice interface, but this game is really interesting. A guy on the internet said , "If you only do one thing in your life, then play NetHack." This is a very conspicuous remark, but it also makes people feel that the game is very complicated and difficult to get started. In fact, although the game is very complex, but easy to get started. Although it is difficult to play customs clearance, it is easy to get started. There are many complex rules on NetHack, "The DevTeam Thinks of Everything" (the development team thought of everything). All kinds of monsters, all kinds of weapons ...., there are many spoilers files to illustrate their rules. In addition to each time you start a randomly generated map, every time you play a game, you will encounter strange things: because you drank a potion, turned into a robot, because the door that kicked the shop was demanded high compensation; Your dog stole the store for you. It's kind of like life, you can't fully understand the world, but you can still choose your own way of facing.

There are many articles on the internet which are one of the best computer games or the best computer games. Perhaps it is because of its open source code that people appreciate, the ancient history of people tolerant, complex rules are awe-inspiring. Although it is not currently a popular game, it is more likely to withstand the 20-year test than any of the current popular games.

Slash ' EM is also a classic game based on NetHack.


Use the LFTP command-line FTP tool to make incremental backups of Web site data, mirroring it, just as with rsync.


An ACK is a Perl script that is an optional replacement for grep. It can be highlighted for matching characters. is designed for programmers, the default recursive search, the province provides a variety of file types to choose from.

Calcurse & Remind + Wyrd

Calcurse is a command-line calendar and scheduling software. Remind + Wyrd are also very similar. About the calendar, I have to mention a Linux cycle calendar, but also an artifact, hehe.

Newsbeuter & Rsstail

Newsbeuter and Rsstail are the command-line RSS reader tool.


Be an eco-friendly programmer and see which programs on your computer charge. PowerTOP is a Linux tool that saves power to laptops from Intel platforms. This tool is published by Intel Corporation. It can help users to identify those programs that consume large amounts of power, and save the user by repairing or shutting down those applications or processes.

Htop & Iotop

Htop and iotop are used to view process, memory, and IO loads.

Ttyrec & IPBT

Ttyrec is a TTY console recording program that records data files that can be played with the accompanying ttyplay. You can record everything you do in a TTY, or the software you're familiar with in a TTY.

IPBT is a tool used to ttyrec the console input process recorded by the back and forth.

Similar to this, there are SHELR and Termrec.


Classic tool for file synchronization via SSH (core algorithm)


Mtr–traceroute 2.0, which is a small tool that integrates traceroute and ping in one piece to diagnose the network.

Socat & Netpipes

Socat is a multifunctional network tool named "Socket CAT", which can be seen as the N-Times enhanced version of Netcat.

Netpipes, like Socat, is primarily used to perform socket operations on the command line, so that you can enter the socket network traffic in the shell script downstream.

Iftop & Iptraf

Iftop and Iptraf can be used to view some traffic conditions for the current network link.

Siege & Tsung

Siege is a stress testing and evaluation tool designed for web development that assesses the affordability of applications under pressure: Multiple concurrent access to a Web site can be configured on a per-user basis, recording the corresponding time of each user's request process, and repeating under a certain number of concurrent accesses.

Tsung is a stress testing tool that can test servers including HTTP, WebDAV, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, and Xmpp/jabber. For HTTP testing, Tsung supports HTTP 1.0/1.1, contains a proxy-mode session record, supports GET, POST and PUT, and DELETE methods, supports cookies and basic WWW authentication, and also supports SSL.

See: 10 Free Web stress test tools


Ledger a command-line bookkeeping gadget.


Taskwarrior is a command-line-based TODO list management tool. Key features include: labels, color tabular output, reports and graphs, a large number of commands, underlying APIs, multi-user file locks, and more.

is the interface of Taskwarrior 2.0:


Curl is a file transfer tool that works under the command line using URL syntax, which was first released in 1997. It supports file uploads and downloads, so it is a comprehensive transfer tool, but traditionally, it is customary to call curl as a download tool. Curl also contains libcurl for program development. The messaging that Curl supports is FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, SFTP, Gopher, SCP, Telnet, DICT, FILE, LDAP, LDAPS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and RTSP.

RTorrent & ARIA2

RTorrent is a very concise, excellent, very lightweight BT client. It is written in C + + using the ncurses library, so it is completely text-based and runs in the terminal. It is ideal to use rtorrent as a remote BT client on a low-end system with the GNU screen and Secure Shell installed.

ARIA2 is the next great high-speed download tool for Linux. Because it has a segmented download engine, it supports downloading the same file from multiple addresses or multiple connections from one address. This will naturally greatly speed up the download speed of the file. ARIA2 also has a breakpoint continuation function, which allows you to resume a file download that has been interrupted at any time. In addition to supporting general HTTP (s) and FTP protocols, ARIA2 also supports the BitTorrent protocol. This means that you can also use aria2 to download the torrent file.

Ttytter & Earthquake

Ttytter is a Perl-written command-line Twitter-based tool that can do everything other platform clients can do, of course, to support Chinese. Scripting, CLI control, terminal control, and Perl control are the most loved.

Earthquake is also a Twitter client on the command line.

VIFM & Ranger

VIFM based on ncurses file Manager, DOS style, with keyboard operation.

Ranger is done in Python by default, using Vim-style key bindings, such as HJKL (up and Down), DD (cut), yy (copy), and so on. Fully functional, extended/configurable is also very good. A multi-column file management method that resembles MacOS X under the Finder (File Manager). Multi-tabbed pages are supported. Preview text files and directories in real time.

Cowsay & SL

Cowsay not say, as shown below, hahaha. And Xcowsay, you can search by yourself.

What is SL? Ls? , huh, you will often put LS into SL? If so, this thing can entertain you, you will see a train whistling through ~ ~, quite windy. You can use the sudo apt-get install SL installation.

Finally, another command in Linuxlogo, you can install using the sudo apt-get install Linuxlogo, then you can use the Linuxlogo-l
Look at all the Linux logos.

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28 Unix/linux Command-line artifact

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