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Efficient text editing in Unix Command Line Mode (1)

A Brief Study of some basic command line text editing programs that can save time and effort. Text editing is usually performed interactively in the text editor application. However, some tasks can be conveniently and quickly completed directly from

command-line debugging tools in a UNIX environment: GDB

command-line debugging tools in a UNIX environment: gdbIf you need to use the GDB debugger, add the-G option to GCC.The following command section is a simplified version, such as using L instead of list and so on.1. Basic Commands1) Enter GDB #gdb

UNIX is 40 years old

Ken milberg, Writer/website expert, future tech January 04, 2010   UNIX History UNIXOriginated in the late 1960s S. Ken Thompson joined the Bell lab's computer research division in 1966. He was initially engaged in multicsProject, an

Windows and UNIX file formats, including space, carriage return, Tab conversion, and related tools

Http://casec12.javaeye.com/blog/523160 Today, I have finally figured out the origins and differences between carriage return and line feed.Before the computer appeared, there was a kind of device called teletype model 33, which can contain 10

Unix command line Idioms

UNIX® has its own dialect, and its command vocabulary is very large. But you don't need to master all the content at once. This article describes a number of command line combinations that promote your mastery of UNIX languages. When you travel to

Getting Started with Unix OS and basics

Http://dev2dev.cnblogs.com/archive/2005/10/10/251894.aspxGetting Started with Unix OS and basicsUnlike the familiar Windows user interface and usage habits, UNIX is often used command run, very flexible operating system, the current products are

command-line options for parsing shell scripts using the getopts command

Transferred from: http://yejinxin.github.io/parse-shell-options-with-getopts-command/Standard UNIX commands generally offer a number of options, with the user providing specific options and parameters, in the form of a command line, as

Make command in Linux/unix environment (GO)

Make is a very important compilation command, both in Linux and in the UNIX environment. Whether you are developing your own projects or installing applications, we often use make or makes install. With make tools, we can break down large-scale

Linux/unix: Cursor and character control shortcut keys for command line terminals

From:http://linux.chinaunix.net/techdoc/system/2007/11/23/973027.shtmlIn the use of Linux/unix command-line terminal, sometimes encounter keyboard backspace, delete keys, home keys, direction keys, such as do not listen to the phenomenon:Press the

MySQL: Command Options, configuration options, (global, session) system variables, status variables: various applications and options

Overview MySQLProgramPlatform relevance MySQL options are case sensitive! Sensitive! "-" And "_" in the components of the MySQL option name can be exchanged. Note that it does not refer to the long name or short name prefix "--", "-"

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