3. Lessons learned from more than 2 million yuan of entrepreneurship-apps are not needed for entrepreneurship, but more than million apps

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3. Lessons learned from more than 2 million yuan of entrepreneurship-apps are not needed for entrepreneurship, but more than million apps


Abstract: There is an idea to develop apps or websites, promote, continuously improve, and explore profit models. This general mobile Internet entrepreneurial process. However, I think that in some specific business models, the "R & D app or website" step can be cut down or postponed.


Health care sharing: Part 1



In the process of communicating with some entrepreneurs, there is a pattern like this: developing a social website or app to attract some vertical users, then perform additional services.


Here is an example: to develop a social app, the target user is a practitioner of Beijing mobile Internet. After the app reaches a certain number of users, you can hold offline exchange meetings (this entrepreneur's Coffee Shop resources), air ticket booking, hotel booking, and other services.


In this mode, the most important thing is people and popularity. The app has a large number of users, but it still has a large number of active users. In this way, the extra services in the app will be effective.


In this mode, is the previous app really needed?


Talking to this entrepreneur, we were discussing the background architecture of social apps (the social database design is quite different from the general app), and then he shared this model.


At that time, I reminded him that the app in the early stage really needed it?


Our first social app was developed for three months, and the first social app for 2nd was one month. According to the standards with no experience, R & D is required for 1 to 2 months.


In the past two months, we have to bear huge sunk costs. When the app is developed, if it fails, the investment in R & D is hard to be recovered. And are you trying to make a mistake? Are you sure your ideas are actually feasible? Is it really worth this huge amount of energy and money?


According to his model, the core users and popularity are only available on this basis, but it is not necessary to attract target users.


For example, in the early stage, you can first operate Weibo and public accounts to attract your target users. After a large number of users are attracted through sharing, interaction, and communication, and then to your app.


There is a fish pond theory in marketing, where the target users are concentrated. You can attract target users in other fish ponds, and then slowly direct these users to your fish ponds.


There are now a large number of platforms that focus on many vertical users. You can accumulate user and popularity on these platforms before traffic direction is too late.


In addition, in these mature platforms, the cost of R & D of apps is reduced, and you only need to focus on content product and network marketing and promotion.


By accumulating enough users and popularity on mature platforms, it is not too late to consider app R & D.





Zeng jiansheng: I have experienced the establishment, development, and collapse of mobile internet startups, participated in app studios, and spent a little time using 2 million of entrepreneurial funds, these experiences have brought a lot of lessons and thoughts on the Life industry. We are currently engaged in the development of cloud products with daily PVS of over 10 million. QQ & Personal ID: 384164942.

Q: Why is it not suitable for entrepreneurs? Many executives are very smart and sociable, but are not involved in entrepreneurship? Do not copy. In your own words

Well-Behaved people, obedient people, over-intelligent people, and people who are afraid of risks are not suitable for start-ups. Many executives are very intelligent and sociable, but are not involved in entrepreneurship? Because they are all smart people, they see comprehensive and profound problems, so they also see entrepreneurial risks while seeing the benefits of entrepreneurship. They are afraid to take responsibility for risks, we are willing to take the road of stability and security, so entrepreneurship is not with them. Entrepreneurs will always be the ones who can only see the benefits and cannot see the disadvantages.
For example, Liu Bang and Xiao He are at the same time fighting together with his hometown. Xiao He is wise and ten times better than Liu Bang. Xiao He should be headed by Xiao He, but Xiao He is willing to follow suit because he saw the rebellion failure, for the first time, his head will be gone. Liu bangzhiyu did not expect to lose his head, but only thought of the head style.
The result is that Xiao He is an executive and Liu Bang is the boss.
Start-up problems

How many customers will you have in a day after the opening?
How much will each customer consume?
Is there any other fees besides the rent, such as the user agent, management fee, and license ......
What are other fees?
In this way, the average monthly total income-how much profit can be made after the average monthly total expenditure? How long can I return the data?
How do you allocate an approximate monthly profit to him? So much profit can you make?
You can solve the above problems if you think about them clearly, but remember: these problems must be thought by yourself. No one can say anything.
Who is the most important decision-making power? We must negotiate with each other to discuss other things. We must be cautious when investing!

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