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Gossip less, the author of this article for everyone to collect online learning HTML5 resources, hope they can help you better learn HTML5. Good man! Only 40 of the authors originally said that there were only 39, because the 5th and 8th were repeated.

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1. Five-minute entry HTML5 (Learn HTML5 in 5 minutes! ) by Jennifer Marsman

There is no doubt that HTML5 is a hot topic. Let's say you need a crash course that quickly understands the basics of HTML, and that's what you need. I'll cover the new semantic tags (markups), use canvas for drawing and animation, video (<video>) and audio (<audio>) support, and how to use HTML5 in old browsers . It may be a little over 5 minutes, but I promise I will be concise. Come on, it's definitely worth a read!

2. HTML5 Canvas Developer's Guide (the developers guides to HTML5 Canvas)by Malcolm Sheridan

Undoubtedly, the canvas element is the most divine feature in HTML5. Developers can use it to develop a real rich Web application (rich application) without having to install a browser to install plugins like Adobe Flash Player (plugins). Modern browsers, such as Chrome,firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and 10, support it. But what is HTML5 canvas? How do you use it to create rich Web applications?

3. How to create a visual image library using HTML5 canvas (how to create a visual library of Images in HTML5 canvas)by David Catuhe

as a very fussy UI, I cannot refuse to use HTML5 canvas development. It uses a whole new set of methods to visualize Web images and data . In this tutorial, I will take you to apply it on your Web page .

4. Create the HTML5 app: What you Should know (Building apps with html5:what need to Know)by Brandon Satrom

HTML5, the web will be different. There is no doubt that you have heard this kind of rhetoric.  Why? HTML5 is likely to change our internet, but it is also blown to the sky. More importantly, its true meaning remains elusive. This is a broad topic, so don't let yourself be tied to HTML5 without knowing where to start.

5. Make your HTML5 video playable on your mobile device (making your HTML5 video play on mobile devices)by Nigel Parker

When asked how to start using HTML5 video, I would ask "what problem do you want to solve?" Almost every time I hear, "I just want my video to play on my mobile device." "Very easy! I'll show you how to start.

6.6 full HTML5 and CSS courses (HTML 5 and Css:six complete lessons)

The combination of HTML 5 and CSS is becoming a new popular language. I am also very pleased to announce that we have created six complete courses, covering the most interesting and Dynamic HTML 5 new features that are designed for you to get ready to go into web development. Each class has a PPT, complete with the implementation of the reading task. A single tutorial for about 75-100 minutes of time. Said to be complete, it is not covered at all!

7.HTML5 and CSS3, you will be using the technology! ( HTML 5 and CSS 3:the techniques you ' ll Soon is Using)

in this tutorial, we will using HTML 5 and CSS 3 Create a blog page. If you already know HTML and CSS, you should be very easy to learn.

8. Let HTML5 music ring ( Crank up the Volume with HTML5 music)by Ed Tittel

HTML5 makes online music a comeback. Using the <audio> tag will not require an external music player, while agreeing to play your music by your Web page yourself.

9. Release HTML5 <audio> Energy (Unlocking the Power of HTML5 <audio>)by Giorgio Sardo

Music is the melody of our life! Today, HTML5 <audio> elements agree with Web developers embed sounds in your app. Flexible controls combined with platform integration allow for multiple scene effects, from simple background sound to more complex audio engines in the game.

10.HTML5 application: Positioning (HTML5 apps:positioning with geolocation)

positioning (positioning and geolocation) is the core of every geo-location-based application. In this tutorial, you'll learn about Geolocation (geolocation) features and fundamentals, and apply it to your next HTML5 application!

11. Test: See how much you know about HTML5? (Quiz:how well does you Know HTML5?)

This is a great place to test your HTML5 basics. Don't be too proud! They'll make you beg! Good luck!

12. How do I get all browsers to parse HTML5 correctly (how to makes all Browsers Render HTML5 mark-up correctly–even IE6)

HTML 5 provides some great new features, code readability, and a semantically structured layout. However, the support for HTML 5 is still intact, and Internet Explorer is the latest to join the support. In this tutorial, we'll use HTML5 to create a common layout, and then use JavaScript and CSS to make our design backwards compatible with IE. Yes, including IE 6!

13. How do I create a cross-browser form (how to Build cross-browser HTML5 forms)

first one HTML5 The WYSIWYG effort is web Forms 2.0, originally called XForms Basic. Later, it was incorporated into the HTML5, which was then stripped of the recurrence pattern, and finally evolved into the HTML5 form (forms) that we are familiar with today.

HTML5 Quick Check table (HTML 5 Cheat Sheet (PDF))

the XHTML 2 Working Group is expected to cease work by the end of 2009, and on the contrary, the project is planning to add input to the HTML5. Even though HTML will not be fully supported for 5-2022 years , it does not affect its being widely used! we decided to finish. A handy printable HTML 5 cheat sheet that lists all the tags supported at the moment, their descriptions, their properties, and whether they are in HTML 4.

15. Basics of using HTML5 to design blogs (basic knowledge designing a blog with HTML5)

Most of the feature sets for HTML 5 include the JavaScript API, which makes it easier to develop interactive pages, but there are a number of new elements that provide a general Web 1.0 page Additional semantics . To study this, let's look at how to apply them in a blog.

structured tags in HTML5 (Structural tags in HTML5)

The HTML5 specification has added some interesting and useful tags for structuring. For most applications, these tags will replace the typical div entries. So let's dig a bit deeper.

17. Writing a CSS3&HTML5 single page template (Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 one-page Website template)

Web development, you have to keep up with the latest technology, so that talent to make you stand at the front. It is also an area of change at an alarming rate. Today's standards will soon be eliminated in a few years. So you have to follow the footsteps and learn about the application of CSS3 and HTML5 partners. (I added the following sentence! ^_^)

HTML5 Visualization of the Quick Look table (HTML5 visual Cheat Sheet)

This fast-track table is essentially a simple visual table that includes a list of all the HTML tags and related HTML5 properties. A simple visual style gives you a glimpse of what you're looking for. Please leave your comments! Thanks for every suggestion!


HTML5 Canvas Quick Check table (HTML5 canvas Cheat Sheet)Download

20. Designing and writing a very cool iphone app with HTML5 (design & Code a cool iphone app Website in HTML5)

In this tutorial we will experience how to build a very cool iphone app that uses not cocoa touch, but HTML5 and some CSS3 visuals.

21. Optimized image display using HTML5 canvas (Optimize Images with HTML5 canvas)

Every site has to use pictures. Assuming you're really very thoughtful about your visitors, take some time to optimize your image display. Keep in mind that modern web browsers have the power to enhance image display capabilities on users ' computers. In this article, I'll show you a workable workaround.

22.HTML5 and documentation display algorithms (HTML5 and the document outlining algorithm)

Today, we all know that we should use HTML5 to make a site. The discussion here is how to use HTML5 correctly. It is important that HTML5 has a content that is not yet widely understood: layout (sectioning), including: paragraph (section), entry (article), Page Edge (aside), and navigation. To understand this part of the content, we need to master the file display algorithm (outlining algorithm).

HTML5 semantics (HTML5 semantics)

HTML5 has a lot of exciting new APIs: Local storage, application caching, Web Worker , 2D drawing and so on. But don't forget, HTML5 brings us 30 new elements to tag files and applications.  

24. Write HTML5 layout from scratch (Coding an HTML 5 layout from Scratch)

HTML5 and CSS3, all of these technologies are purely tools that await a skilled developer to apply to the right project. To do this, we get a whole new concept and fix our coding habits to ensure our web page functions.

25. Sync to HTML5 video (Syncing Content with HTML5 videos)

HTML5 is more inclined to use multimedia than HTML4 for user interaction, which is limited to text, links, pictures, and tables. Includes changing from a common <object> element to a higher-level <video> and <audio> element, as well as a rich set of APIs for use in JavaScript.

26. Enter the HTML5 physical location of the universe (Entering the Wonderful world of Geo position with HTL5)

27. How do I use HTML5 canvas to create a progress bar (how to create a Progress bar with HTML5 canvas)

The progress bar for WEB 2.0 has rounded corners, depths, and volumes, which are shadows and gradients.

CSS3 and HTML5 in the cue bar (tooltips in CSS3 and HTML5)

Use only CSS3 and HTML5 to implement a simple cue bar.

29. Create a bar chart using HTML5 canvas (Create a bar graph with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript)

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple bar chart (HTML5 canvas+javascript). This code can be downloaded at the end of this article.

30. Convert to HTML5 (Making the Transition to HTML5)

There is no doubt that everyone is talking about HTML5. But it is not clear who is using it or how it is used.

JavaScript face recognition +canvas+video=html glasses! (JavaScript face Detection + Canvas + Video = HTML5 glasses!)

I've always wanted to use the face recognition of the CCV JavaScript library. Several of the demo samples given in this library are for static images, but by looking at the code, it is understood that the display uses canvas elements. So I used it on every frame of the HTML5 video.

32.HTML5 content Editable features (contents editable Feature in HTML5)

HTML5 has an innovation that makes a Web page in a browser editable, a feature called editable content editable. It applies to all modern browsers. In order for the page to be edited, you need to contenteditable the tag attribute = "true". I'll show you this new feature in this article.

33.HTML5 High-speed Learning Guide (HTML5 Quick learning Guides)

HTML5 language is compatible with HTML4 and XHTML1 at the same time.

34.HTML5 Canvas Basics (HTML5 canvas–the Basics)

for each canvas element you can use the context (imagine the drawing board), which you can draw using JavaScript commands. The browser implements multiple canvas contexts and different APIs for the drawing function.

35. How do I get HTML5 to work in IE and FireFox2 (way to get HTML5 working in IE and Firefox 2)

HTML 5 may be the latest and best technology, but some browsers do not natively support new semantic elements. Let's temporarily forget about these sexy features and focus on how to make the elements appear as normal.

Extreme forms in HTML5 (Making forms Fabulous with HTML5)

Not many people are interested in the form, but HTML5 still brings some big improvements. New form elements, attributes, input types, browser-based validation, CSS3 styling techniques, and Formdata objects allow you to easily and happily create forms.

37. New HTML5 table cell (new HTML5 form Elements)

Forms no matter what the site The most important feature. In HTML form elements, you can use the Include text box, check box, Radio box, button, drop-down list, password entry box, and file selector. The point is to improve the usability and effectiveness of the form components, which is the cornerstone of good UI and should be given high priority.

placeholder in HTML5 (Placeholder-Text in HTML5)

The first improvement that HTML5 brings to a Web Form is that you can set placeholders in a text box. Placeholder text is displayed when the field contents are empty, and once you click (or move in) the input box, the placeholder text disappears.

HTML5 support for input related properties (HTML5 inputs and attribute supports)

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