59 Effective ways to write high-quality Python code

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Author Brett Slatkin is a senior software engineer at Google Inc. He is the engineering director and co-founder of the Google Consumer Research project, who worked on the Python infrastructure of Google App engine and used Python to manage numerous Google servers. Slatkin is also co-founder of the Pubsubhubbub agreement, and Python has implemented a system for Google for the protocol. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from Columbia University.

Great reviews

"The book written by Slatkin, each of its entries (item) is a separate tutorial and contains its own source code." This arrangement allows us to jump at random: You can follow the learning needs to browse these item. The book covers a wide range of topics, and the author gives a rather concise and mainstream view of these topics, and I push this book * to intermediate Python programmers. ”
--brandon Rhodes,dropbox Software Engineer, president of the 2016-2017 Pycon Conference

"When I first moved from Java to Python, I could save a few months if I could see the book. The book makes me realize that the code that I've written over and over again is not quite in line with Python's programming style. This book contains the vast majority of the necessary knowledge of the Python language, so that we can understand them one by one without having to go through the difficult explorations of months or years. The book is very informative, starting with the importance of PEP8 and the main programming habits of the Python language, and then talking about how to design functions, methods and classes, how to use standard libraries efficiently, and how to design high-quality api,*, and then test and performance issues. Both Novice and veteran can learn the true meaning of Python programming through this excellent tutorial. ”

Founder of the--mike Bayer,sqlalchemy

"This book will clearly show you how to improve the style of Python code and the quality of its functions, which can make your Python skills a better place." ”

--leah Culver,dropbox's developer spokesperson (developer Advocate)

"This is a good book, developers who are more experienced in other programming languages can learn python quickly through this book and understand the basic language structure that is more Python-style." The book is clear, concise, and easy to understand, and you can study a topic individually, just by reading an entry or a chapter. The book explains a large number of pure Python language constructs so that readers do not confuse them with other complex things in the Python ecosystem. More experienced developers can use some of the in-depth examples provided in the book to understand the language features they have not yet encountered, and the language features they have not used so often. The author is definitely a very familiar Python person, he used his rich experience to give the reader a variety of frequently occurring bugs and often wrong writing. In addition, this book is a good illustration of the subtle difference between Python 2.X and Python 3.X, which you can use as a reference when migrating between different versions of Python. ”

--katherine Scott,tempo automation, software Manager

"This is a good book for both junior developers and skilled developers. The code examples and their explanations are very detailed, very concise and very thorough. ”

--c Titus Brown, associate professor, University of California, Davis

"This reference book is very useful, it provides a lot of advanced Python usage, and explains how to build clearer, more maintainable software. By putting the book's recommendations into practice, you can improve your Python skills. ”

The author of the--wes Mckinney,pandas Library, the authors of the Python for Data analysis, and the Cloudera software engineer

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59 Effective ways to write high-quality Python code

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