A detailed description of the use of lower and upper functions in Python

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Today, a little bit of a problem, you need to write a program to the list of irregular English names in the "first letter uppercase the rest of the lowercase" way to convert

The first idea was to write a function to process each string "str" and how to batch it with a map

I have to say that the general direction of the idea is correct, but in the details of the treatment of some problems

At first I wrote the name-handling function:

[Python] View plain copydef Change (name)      result = Name[0].upper () to      A in Name[1:len (name)]:          result = result + A.lower ()

Then the run will error

[Python] View plain copye:\pythonfile>python practice.py File "practice.py", line 6 for a in name (1:len (name)-1  ): ^ syntaxerror:invalid syntax e:\pythonfile>python practice.py Traceback (most recent call Last): File "practice.py", line one, in <module> Name_li = map (change, name_list) file "practice.py", Li NE 6, in change for a in name (1,len (name)-1): TypeError: ' str ' object was not callable E:\pythonfile>python PR  actice.py Traceback (most recent): File ' practice.py ', line 9, ' in <module> name_li = Map ' (change, name_list) File "practice.py", line 5, in change name[0] = Name[0].upper () TypeError: ' str ' object does not supp  ORT item Assignment E:\pythonfile>python practice.py Traceback (most recent call last): File ' practice.py ', line  <module> Name_li = map (change, name_list) File ' practice.py ', line 6, ' change name[0] = tmp TypeError: ' Str ' object Does not support item assignment E:\pythonfile>python python 2.7.9 (default, Dec, 12:24:55) [MSC v.1500 32  Bit (Intel)] on Win + Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> L = ' ZXCV ' >>> print l[0] z >>> print L[0].upper <built-in method Upper of Str objec T at 0x02148740> >>> print l[0].upper () z >>> z Traceback (most recent call last): File "<s Tdin> ", line 1, in <module> nameerror:name ' z ' are not defined >>> ^z E:\pythonfile>python pra ctice.py Traceback (most recent): File ' practice.py ', line 9, ' in <module> name_li = Map ' (change, name_list) File "practice.py", line 6, with change name[0] = tmp TypeError: ' str ' object does not support item Assi Gnment E:\pythonfile>python practice.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "practice.py", line +, in <m odule> Name_li = map (change, name_list)    File "practice.py", line 5, with change TMP = Chr (name[0]) Typeerror:an integer is required 

After several attempts to find the approximate meaning of the string processing can not do so, then checked the use of upper () and lower (), found that these two functions are directly in STR, so there is no need for such trouble.

After modification:

[Python] View plain copy# practice.py # change the first  char in every name from lower type to upper type    def Chan GE (name):      result =  Name[0:1].upper () +name[1:len (name)].lower ()      return result    name_list = [' Kzd ', ' Ysy ', ' KCW ', ' SCR ', ' KY ']  name_li = map (change, name_list)  print name_l

Operation Result:

[Python] View plain copye:\pythonfile>python practice.py  [' Kzd ', ' ysy ', ' KCW ', ' Scr ', ' Ky ']

The error is that I'm trying to replace the elements in the string with an assignment, which is not allowed.


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