A technical roadmap for Java programmers from the ground up to the CTO

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First, attach a picture showing the job functions at each stage:

Second, the text type describes the job functions at each stage:

Java Programmer

Advanced Features

Reflection, generics, annotation characters, auto-boxing and unpacking, enumeration classes, mutable parameters, variable return types, enhanced loops, static imports.

Core programming

IO, multi-threading, entity classes, collection classes, regular expressions, XML and attribute files, graphical programming AWT (JAVA2D/JAVASOUND/JMF), Swing, SWT, JFace.

Network programming


Java Syntax Basics

class , abstract class, interface, Final class, Static class, Anonymous class, Inner class, exception class, encoding specification.

Java Development environment

JDK, JVM, Eclipse, Linux.

Java Core Programming Technology

Java, advanced programming language, syntax rigor, learning Java must be from the Java development environment, then Java syntax, and then Java's Core API.

    • Getting Started with Java development: installation and use of the Java development environment, including JDK commands, eclipseide, development and deployment of Java programs under Linux and so on.
    • Java Syntax Basics: Java core function development based on JDK and Eclipse environment, mastering Java Object-oriented grammar composition, include class, abstract class, interface, Final class, Static class, Anonymous class, Inner class, exception writing.
    • Java Core API: based on the class library provided by the JDK, master three core functions:

First, Java Core programming: includes two core functions of Java programming ~java input/output streams and multithreading, and Common Library of auxiliary classes ~ entity classes, collection classes, regular expressions, XML, and property files.

Second,Java graphics programming: including Sun's GUI library AWT (java2d, Javasound, JMF) and swing, IBM and GUI libraries SWT and Jface .

Third,Java Network programming: Applet component programming, socket programming, NIO non-blocking socket programming, RMI and CORBA distributed development.

    • Java Advanced Features: Mastering Java Advanced Features in JDK1.4, JDK5.0, JDK6.0, including reflection, generics, annotations, and Java Advanced features ~ Auto boxing and unpacking, enumeration classes, mutable parameters, variable return types, enhanced loops, static imports, and more.

Java EE Junior Software engineer

JSF Framework Development Technology

configuration files (page navigation, background beans), JSF component libraries (JSF El Language, HTML tags, event handling), JSF core libraries (format conversion, input validation, internationalization).

Javaweb Core Development Technology

Development Environment (Eclipse, Linux), three components (JSP, JavaBean, Servlet), Extended Technology (EL, JSTL, Taglib).

Web Development Technology

HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX.

Database Design Technology

sql, MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, JDBC.

Web server

Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, Jbossweb.

Javaweb Core Technology

The whole process of Javaweb project development can be decomposed into: Web development + Database design =javaweb project development.

Javaweb consists of six basic technologies :

jsp+javabean+servlet+el+jstl+taglib, and JSF is the technical framework that organically combines these 6 technologies .

Java EE Intermediate Software engineer

Four classic architectures SSH1, SSI1, SSH2, SSI2

STRUTS1 Presentation Layer Framework

Getting Started configuration, core components, tag libraries, internationalization, data validation, database development, Sitemesh integration, integration Hibernate/ibatis .

STRUTS2 Presentation Layer Framework

starter configurations, core components, tag libraries, internationalization, data validation, Sitemesh integrated converters, interceptors, integration Hibernate/ibatis.

Spring Business Layer Framework

Introductory configuration, IOC container, AOP facets, MVC, tag library, internationalization, data validation, database development .

Hibernate Persistence Layer Framework

MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ibatis Persistence layer Framework .

Web server

Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, Jbossweb

Java EE Senior Software engineer

Javaweb Open source Technology and framework

Workflow , rules Engine , search engine , cache engine, task scheduling, identity authentication, Reporting Services , system testing,

clusters, load Balancing, fail over ,Javaweb Distributed development Technology ,JTA (Java things management ), JAAS (Java Authentication and authorization services),

JNDI (Java Naming and directory services),JavaMail (Java Mail Service ), JMS (Java Messaging Service),WebService (Web services), /c12>,

JCA (Java Connectivity System),JMS (Java Management system ).

Application Server

Jbossas, WebLogic, WebSphere .

Java EE System Architect

Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA)

COA, SaaS, Grid computing, cluster computing, distributed computing, cloud computing .

Resource-oriented architecture (ROA)


Web Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

WebService, SOA, SCA, ESB, OSGI, EAI.

Java Design Patterns

creation Pattern: Abstract Factory, builder, factory method, prototype, Singleton.

stereotype mode: adapter, bridge, combination, decoration, appearance, enjoy meta, agent.

Behavioral Patterns: Responsibility chain, command, interpreter, iteration, mediator, memo, observer, status, policy, template method, visitor.

Java and UML modeling

object graph, use case diagram, Component diagram, deployment diagram, sequence diagram, interaction diagram, Activity diagram, forward engineering and reverse engineering .

CTO chief Executive Officer

Development Strategy , technical director , Team Promotion , team building , project management , product management .

Programmer's Benefits

Enterprise-level project combat (with source) address : http://zz563143188.iteye.com/blog/1825168

Development Information: Http://pan.baidu.com/share/home?uk=4076915866&view=share

------------------------------------------------- system Background Framework------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- front-end engineer Skills---------------------------------------------

A technical roadmap for Java programmers from the ground up to the CTO

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