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Chapter II Computer Maintenance steps and maintenance operation precautions

§2.1 Computer Repair Steps

The following steps should be followed for maintenance of the computer:

I. Understanding of the situation

That is, before the service, communication with the user to understand the situation before and after the failure to conduct preliminary judgments. If you can understand the breakdown of the situation as detailed as possible before and after the accident, will make on-site maintenance efficiency and accuracy of the evaluation improved. Understand if there is a conflict between the user's failure and the technical standard.

To the user to understand the situation, should use the second part of the relevant analysis and judgment methods, and users to communicate. This can not only preliminarily judge the fault site, but also to prepare the corresponding repair spare parts help.

Second, reproduce the fault

That is, in the case of full communication with the user, confirm:

1. The failure of the user to repair the existence of a phenomenon, and the phenomenon of the preliminary judgment, to determine the next operation;

2. Is there any other failure?

Iii. Judgment and Maintenance

That is, the phenomenon of the failure to judge, locate, to find out the cause of the failure, and to repair the process. In the process of judging maintenance, the following section "Maintenance judgment" in the principles, methods, considerations, and the contents of the second to third part of the operation.

Iv. Inspection

1. After maintenance must be inspected to confirm the recurrence or discovery of the phenomenon of failure to resolve, and the user's computer does not exist other visible failures. The normal standard of computer machine, see "Lenovo Desktop computer Machine inspection Code";

2. Must be in accordance with the "XX Maintenance inspection Confirmation List" of the contents, the machine inspection, as far as possible to eliminate the user did not find the fault, and timely exclusion.

§2.2 Computer Repair operation

In the course of maintenance, the following provisions shall be of practical concern and attention.

In the process of fault reappearance and maintenance judgment, the scope of fault should be avoided.

Second, in the maintenance, inspection, check the packing list and configuration;

Third, must fully communicate with the user. Understand the user's operating process, the failure of the operation, the user's use of the computer level.

The first thing to notice in maintenance is observation-observation, observation and observation!!!

1. Surrounding environment: power environment, other high-power electrical appliances, electricity, magnetic field conditions, machine layout, network hardware environment, temperature and humidity, the cleanliness of the environment, the installation of the computer's table is solid. Whether the peripheral equipment has deformation, discoloration, odor and other abnormal phenomena;

2. Hardware environment: The cleanliness of the chassis, temperature and humidity, components on the jump wiring settings, color, shape, odor, etc., the connection between parts or equipment is correct, there is no error or wrong, lack of needle/needle and other phenomena, the user installed with the machine and other equipment connected with the machine to run all other hardware facilities related to the operation;

3. Software Environment:

A. What software is loaded in the system, where there is a conflict or mismatch between them and other software and hardware;

B. In addition to the standard software and settings, to observe the equipment, motherboards and systems, such as the driver, the patch is installed, is appropriate, the fault to be handled is recognized by the industry as a bug or compatibility issues, the user installed other applications and configuration is appropriate;

4. The observation of the power-adding process: the temperature of the components, odor, smoke and so on, the system time is correct;

5. Disassembly parts observation: To have a record part of the original installation state of good habits, and to carefully observe the components on the shape of components, color, the original installation status and so on;

6. Observe the user's operating process and habits, and compliance with the requirements.

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