After the motherboard of the Ubuntu host is changed, the integrated network port of the motherboard cannot be accessed.

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After the main board is changed for the Ubuntu host, the integrated network port of the main board cannot access the Internet. After the network port of the Ubuntu host is changed, the integrated network port of the main board cannot access the Internet. Error in Network Information Query: ifconfig eth0 eth0: Interface Information Retrieval error: Device not foundifconfig eth1eth1: Interface Information Retrieval error: Device not found open/etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net.rules you can find new Nic configuration items, such as eth2 and eth3 (incremental according to the original maximum eth number ). For dual-Network Ports, two eth2 ports may be the same, but the MAC is different. Solution: sudo nano/etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net.rules comment or delete the original eth0 and eth1 configuration lines, change the new Nic configuration items eth2, eth3 or dual eth2 to eth0 and eth1 respectively. Restart the host. Or: After sudo/etc/init. d/networking restart modifies the interfaces configuration bonding, the above restart statement has never been successful. Or try again? : Sudo/etc/init. d/network-interface restartsudo/etc/init. d/network-interface-security restartsudo/etc/init. d/network-manager restart note: In this scenario, the Ubuntu system is not reinstalled after the motherboard is changed. Generally, the MAC address is smaller, and The eth number is smaller. Note when editing 70-persistent-net.rules. The above is a dual-Network-port motherboard. You only need to comment out or delete eth0 and change eth1 to eth0. When changing an independent NIC, the same applies.

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