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Oracle 11g Installation

Prior to installation to determine their own computer configuration, in Windows, for example, if it is Win7 the following systems such as XP, you can choose Oracle 10g. Because the 10g program files only 200 trillion, and 11g and reached 2G, the official download path to the file can not be found, only to some software download platform download. If the Win7 is best to use 11g, otherwise it is likely that the 10g will not be compatible with the installation of the situation, this article take Win7 as an example.

Oracle 11g Official download address is as follows:


The download first needs to agree to the agreement, that is, select the "Accept License Agreement" option,

Then select the Oracle version and the corresponding operating system, we select the 11g Windows 64-bit system, and download File1 and File2 two installation files (we need to first register with the Oracle website account, to the mailbox to activate):

After downloading, extract two files respectively, note! Be sure to merge the unpacked two folders into one! Otherwise, you will be prompted for missing files at installation! You can cut a smaller file into a larger file, prompt for coverage, and select Yes, because only the folder name is the same, and the content is different.

Open the folder, double-click Setup.exe to start the installation, usually only by the default option to install, the program will automatically choose a larger disk to install. If you want to specify the installation directory yourself, you will need to set up the Oracle base directory when the fourth "Typical installation" occurs, and other directory locations will be configured automatically according to that location.

Also note that after the seventh "Install product" is complete, there is a password management option, and it is recommended that you unlock the Scott account and set the password. The Scott account is provided by Oracle for learners, and there are a lot of practice tables, and many of the Oracle introductory books will use the account table below to unlock the account only to remove the lock on the user bar.

If you do not unlock the Scott account at this step, you can also use the Oracle's own Sql*plus tool to unlock it after the installation is complete. Click on the Start menu to find an Oracle program in all programs, including an application development folder, where the Sql*plus tool is located. Click on the Open tool, enter the system press ENTER confirmation in the input username, and then enter the password, which is the password set when Oracle is installed. Attention! When you enter a password, no characters appear on the screen, just enter the correct and then click Enter to sign in. If this is not convenient, you can also enter the user name directly in the password at the same time, only need to add "/" after system and then enter the password, such as system/abc123456.

Enter "Alter user Scott account unlock" after login command to unlock the Scott account, set the password for the Scott account when the unlock is complete, and enter "alter user Scott identified by Tiger;" command to change Scott's password to Tiger, and then log on through Scott/tiger!

Second, Oracle 11g Uninstall

An Oracle reload is required if the installation fails without extracting the file or after extracting it without putting it in the same directory. Oracle itself does not have uninstall options, the direct deletion of the folder prompts you to be in use and cannot be deleted, we can remove the registry or use the Oracle 11g from the uninstall file with uninstall.

Method One: Uninstall using the Oracle 11g self-unload file

Use Win+r to open the DOS run window (or enter Cmd.exe Open dialog window in search) and run deinstall.bat files in the Oracle installation directory, such as:


where D: for Oracle installation disk, App\administrator is the default state of Oracle installation directory, if customized installation directory will need to change this here to the real path, The following is the detailed path to the Deinstall.bat file, and then enter the uninstall step by tip.

Method Two: Delete Registry uninstall

1, close all Oracle services, right click "My Computer--> Management--> Service and application--> service", in the right-hand list of services to find Oracle service items, selected on its left can stop service;

2, in DOS run regedit open the registry, open the path:


Delete the file with Oracle below it, and then locate the following path under the same path:


Delete the project with Oracle, and then open the path:


Locate the Oracle directory, and then delete the directory;

3, right click on "My Computer--> Properties--> Advanced--> environment variable-->path variable" to delete this value contains Oracle content.

Note: A directory of operating systems is recorded in path, separated by semicolons (;) between directories in Windows, and noted when deleted.

Recommendation: When deleting a value for Oracle in the PATH environment variable, copy the value to a text editor, find the corresponding Oracle value, delete it, and then copy the modified string and paste it into the PATH environment variable, which is relatively safe.

4, restart the computer, delete the installation files, C disk residue files, the Start menu residue files, complete the uninstall.

The above is a small set to introduce the Oracle 11g database installation and uninstall method diagram, I hope to help you, if you have any questions please give me a message, small series will promptly reply to everyone. Here also thank you very much for the cloud Habitat Community website support!

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