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Animation is the effect of windows in and out of the screen in Android. There are four effects:

Alpha Gradient transparency animation effect

Scale Gradient scaling animation effect

Translate Animation Effect

Rotate Animation effects of screen transfer and Rotation

You can set two methods: one is defined in an XML file and the other is defined in a Java file. The definition in XML is relatively simple. You only need to understand the meaning of each attribute and set it accordingly.

In addition, you can also listen to animation by using the following methods:

Myanimation. setanimationlistener (New animationlistener () {public void onanimationend (animation _ animation) {// what to do after the animation is completed} public void onanimationrepeat (animation _ animation) {// what to do when the animation is repeated} public void onanimationstart (animation _ animation) {// what to do when the animation starts }});

There are a lot of animation related introduction online, see the most classic is:


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